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No Dimetrodon & Green supply drops almost non existent AGAIN

This is so ridiculous. Why does Ludia make those changes? I’m so fed up to the point I don’t want to go out for darting any more. The green supply drops are almost completely gone and I haven’t seen even one dimetrodon on Wednesday.


I know the feeling, and then my bus drove past a golf course that is a park in the new map and there were 10-15 green drops there alone… Have they also become park exclusive perhaps :rofl:

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I’ve noticed that too. Green stops are almost non existent in residential areas but parks are full of them. Not only parks but I’ve noticed on my last trip to St Louis, the interstate is packed with green stops. Sometimes 9 in a row.

No green supply drops near my office either. It’s mental. :frowning:

@Ned could you kindly report this to devs please?

Green drops in my neighborhood nuked as well. Sigh…


Same here. I even checked the big park where there used to be tons of green drops, and there were only a few. I walked for more than an hour and a half and found only three event dime.

Lydia is a utter failure when it’s com to balancing. Either it’s too little or it’s too much. Matchmaking, Creature Stats, Trophy loose and gain, and now Supply Drops.


I’m sorry to hear that, cainshiro. Could you send those screenshots to our team here at with the date and time of when they were taken so our team can investigate? Please include your support key in the email as well.


@Ned It seems to be a global problem. I see only 1 green supply drop but very far away. So basically I can forget about darting Dime after work today as well. It’s a nuisance. :frowning:


Same problem here… stíll 0/18 on the dimetrodon after 1 day


I’m really disappointed as I’ve been waiting for Dime DNA several months and now I’m unable to find ANY.

Yes, I did have temporary issues with lack of green supply drops in the past but it’s been 2 days and nothing has improved.

Last week was OK but this week is just terrible.

Same here…
Its horrible and WORST when i know in advance i will have NO EPIC this week end

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and the worst part is ,my bus ave to travel a road where dimetrodon spawn,i found 3 dimetrodon in the wild but in 15km,NO GREEN DROP

I’m starting to think they do that deliberately when VERY important dinos are being featured.

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yup,last week ,we got no problem???
i don’t remember getting trouble to find green drop…

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A few miles from my home and ZERO green supply drops. What is going on?

I wonder what the peoples map looks like that have mostly green stops and no orange stops looks like currently.

@Schtemty any drop of the green wall on your map.

Yes Eviction, I have a balanced map now

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Green supply drops in my area are located in green park zones (90% supply drops there are green, and opposite is everywhere else). It seems thats how they do it now.