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No dino buck reward from completing action

Hey guys. I’m using a Damsung Galaxy so to play Jurassic World. I only started a few days ago and needed some dino bucks. So I followed the prompt and downloaded slotmania, got to level 30 as required (from memory it was around 2500 dino bucks?). However I havent got the reward. I got an in app purchase in slot mania just to help me get to level 30 for the reward but I never got it.

I’m fairly sure the same thing happened with a different app I levelled up on too. Is anyone able to provide any insight? I’ve messaged support but got no reply. Does it sometimes take more than say 9 hours?


First, welcome.

Second, I have never had any luck with any of the Tapjoy offers to get Dinobucks.

The best way to get dinobucks (or any other reward) is to win PvP. Most of the time you will get coins or food, but you’ll still land enough occasional dinobuck rewards to make it worthwhile.

Good luck!

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Yes welcome to the forums @Adam_Walter , support tickets can be anywhere from 1-5 days for a response, but @HanSoloWannaBe is right about the offers. I have only ever tried two (if my memory serves me correct) and was never able to collect. Han is also correct on the PvP being your best way to gather resources.

Hey mate, yeah it’s a shame, wouldnt have spent a whopping $2.99 and about 3 hours of my life on the game if I didnt think I was going to get some good $$ out of it. I’ve also just got to level 20 (inside 2 days, I guess that’s ok) and discovered the trading post so I guess that’ll come in handy ish too, for selling off ridiculous amounts of DNA. Cheers :slight_smile:

Do not sell off DNA. While you may think you have lots of it right now, if you continue in this game, you will never have enough.


Really? Even with all the upgrades and stuff? I’ve got 2 dinosaurs on a 7 day wait in the hatchery at the moment and its driving me insane Haha. Figured the bucks are more user than DNA? Short term thinking though, always my downfall.

Hey Adam_Walter, it could take up to 24 hours for the rewards to arrive. However, if you’re still having problems, the support from Tapjoy would be happy to try and help you.

Tap on Reward Status > “Not Rewarded”, and then select the offer you are having an issue with.


That’s how Ludia makes it’s money: playing off of that impatience. Chances are after playing for a while, the only resource you will have plenty of is coins. Even then, you can get into temporary cash flow issues if you’re not careful. Dinobucks are extremely useful. So are loyalty points. So is DNA. Food is as well, though it’s usually considered less important than the other three as it is generally easier to come by. It’s all about balance.

You can go through the game and not spend DNA on buying creatures for the hatchery and only using creatures you receive in card packs or as rewards. Some people choose that method, but I find it a very scattershot method and could cause problems down the road due to a lack of balance. Additionally, obtaining multiple copies of legendary plus and especially hybrid creatures randomly is going to be a long and drawn out process. Advancement of those creatures due to random process is going to take a long time. But to each his own.

My two cents. Worth what it costs you.

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@Adam_Walter be careful with those 7 day dinos. All the events are based off your strongest creatures in a given category so having 1 or 2 super strong dinos will basically prohibit you from completing these. Events are where most of your aquatic and cenezoic unlocks will come from, along with card packs, loyalty points and free dinos, for the first several months. Ferocity is the key stat. Look for @Sionsith thread on fereocity it will explain in detail how to calculate it.

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All of this is really good advice.

A long time ago, a trucker gave me this wisdom which I’ve found applicable to lots more than driving: “You go down the mountain too slow a thousand times. You only go down it too fast once.”

Racing through the game and speeding up powerful dinos will only cause grief later (which may be by design; the idea is that you will then spend even more dinobucks and real cash to try to get your dinosaurs leveled up against the even-stronger opponents the game will throw at you). Take the game, play at your own pace. Use those long hatching times to learn how to play PvP. And yes, don’t trade any resources except for coins. All the others will be short supply soon enough.


I’m still fairly new as a player compared to most people here, and I can tell you, there’s a treasure trove of information on how to play the game on here if you take time to go through old posts. I would suggest looking through the forum for some of the posts on things like how to do well at PvP, what ferocity is and how to figure it out, that kind of thing. Use the search feature too to see what comes up for a topic you are interested in. The Fandom wiki for the game is my other favorite source of information, especially on dinosaur stats.

On the Tapjoy rewards, I did a number of these when I was still new, mostly one for downloading games and some charity donations (which I do anyway so seemed a good way to use my monthly charity giving to benefit in the game). Watch out for ones that want you to fill out surveys… those appeared to me to be typical of telemarketing scams to collect phone numbers and emails. Also, they pretty regularly have promotions where the amount of the reward is doubled, so wait until then to do them. By the time I used up any that I was interested in doing, I was far enough in the game to generate bucks easily enough on my own via PvPs, tournaments, and other game playing.

But I did have a lot of issues too with rewards not showing up, but thankfully Tapjoy is VERY good at following up on support requests. When viewing the list of rewards you can get, click on the menu button at the top left — should look like 3 lines. That’s where you can access the list of rewards you’ve selected, which ones were rewarded, and which ones are still pending. After some amount of time (48 hours I think but might be longer for some), if you still didn’t get the reward, you can send Tapjoy a support request. This will usually require a screenshot to prove you completed the request, such as something that shows the level in the game, or a receipt if you had to purchase something.


Go to Jurassic World the game tap on the bucks bar tap on tapjoy if find a button the looks like this _ tap on it then you will see
Reward status tap on it then tap on the offer you chose then tap on details then they will tell you what to do