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No dinos and supply drops or anything on the map

Why does Ludia not fix this? After the 1.7.30 Update there is nothing But and empty google map.
I use an iPad. Not everybody have this problem. Does anyone know what is wrong?

Dear Rene,

Ludia is working on a solution of this bug. However you can solve this problem by seeing your iPad to English language and then start the game again. The towers and creatures should be on the map again. You even ca turn back the language settings again.

Best regards

If that doesn’t do it, delete the app and reinstall.

Had the same problem & uninstalling & reinstalling fixed the problem

Thanks so much. I changed the language to English on my iPad. Restarted the game, and dinos and supply drops are back.
I even changed the language on the iPad back to Danish again and the game still works.

It doesn’t make any sense. But it fixed the problem.

Everyone who has the problem should try the same thing


Yeah it’s almost like a glitch… :stuck_out_tongue: