No dinos, other then the usual 3


Did ludia do something that caused the dinos to stop coming around? I see the usual nundas, einie, stego, but that’s it. The only rare I see is gorgo, and I dont need him. I even went around 3 different areas new and old and nothing. Do I HAVE to go downtown like I did with pogo? Cause that was something I loved about this. I didnt have to before.

this is what I see even in this area and this is a busy area. Look at all the drops!!!


I’ve got heaps of drops too.

An there’s 5 more on the other side of da pic. I’m really lucky to be so close.


And yet the fields are barren. Lame. :confused:


Yeah this game spawns rates are so low, i walk like 10 km and only got few dinos sometimes


Spawns are really random for me, but I usually manage to get 3-4 within a vicinity of my home plus the green supply drop. When out as a passenger, they pop up like crazy on residential roads.


There aren’t many dinos spawning for me as of late either. Lots more monsters in PoGo in the same areas, which is annoying when I really want dinosaurs right now. Even my local town centre has only a few spawning here and there.


At this point in time, I don’t think I’ve had any issues with a lack of spawning creatures. Some areas where I walk have more, some have less–I rely more on the opportunity to get proximity spawns than by hoping some distant Rare will spawn 400 meters away.

If I remember correctly, there are rumors that another dinosaur migration will occur around the end of July (don’t quote me on that for certain, though). So while things might seem a little dreary at times, I think it’s a matter of being patient and checking out new areas at different times of the day–and knowing that some days will produce more good spawns than others.


Where I live, it’s either a stegosaurus, ophiacodon, or an einio. Albeit, they show up around me, that’s all that ever shows. Sometimes, maybe once a week if I’m lucky, I’ll get a rare to show, but it’s usually around 10pm and I’m not walking three streets over. It’s getting a little boring now… the people in the cities have a clear advantage, as they did with Pokémon go. Games like these are only Satisfying if you live in large cities… meanwhile, everyone else is left out. Lol