No Dino's showing on the map

I am having an issue with Dino’s showing on the map. I have been logged on since 6:30 this morning after getting off work. The entire way from work to home there were Dino’s all over the map, but once I got to my neighborhood they no longer showed any only the strike events and drop box’s. I had to use the sent bombs to even get just 4 Dino’s to work at and they were all commons. Is this a glitch in the game or possibly the GPS location service or something else? I really enjoy this game but this is kinda discouraging. Any help would be appreciated GREATLY! I have rest my phone, WiFi and cleared my catches…

Hey Zeusama, due to the different migration patterns that each dinosaur has, there could be certain times of the day where they might spawn less frequently. However, try reconnecting your device to a more stable internet connection like WiFi and see if there’s a difference in the dino population on your map. If you think you’re still having issues, could you email our support team here at with your support key and a screenshot of your in-game map?

Thanks for the reply. I will definitely send any screen shot of the map if it stays the same. Today was the first issue I have ran into with this possible problem. I understand the spawning rates, but I drove down the road just a 1/4 mile and Bam! Dino’s everywhere. Lol I think I’m in a Dino’s “Dead” zone so to speak. I do really appreciate the feed back and advice. Will keep at it to see what happens. Thanks :grin:

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