No dinosaur of the week spawns

All the usual dinosaur of the week spawn spots from my area has been removed and are now far away from my home location. Why? Earlier there were few spots near by my home but now not a single spawn spot is there. Looks like game is studying our routes and making it harder to get DNA as I am getting closer particular hybrids. Why? Coz I don’t spend money on this game? Please answer as soon as possible that why all weekly spawns are happening far away from my location?

Hey there, @Raviraj_Mane, I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t seeing any Event Supply Drops in your close vicinity! In response to feedback from players regarding Event Supply Drops being limited to parks, our team has been trying out different methods of propagating them. The placement of these Event Supply Drops will also change throughout each week, as the dinosaurs featured in them also changes. I hope this helps!

Earlier it was never an issue. Every week supply drops changed places but there were at least 2 drops within 400 meter radius. I hope you can do something for same as it’s not possible for me to always travel all the way to other drops as they are far from my vincinity. They are shown 600 meters from my location that point of my location to point of the drop but if I have to reach that drop then I have to travel at least 15000 meters, then also I will be at least approximately 60 meters away from the drop.

So now I’m seeing that even near my workplace supply drop has been removed from which I used get weekly Dino. Why this is happening? First it was near my home vincinity and now also my workplace, why?

I see 20 supply drops from my house and all are orange, so I am not able to participate in this event…
Raviraj_Mane I spent money, so it doesn’t matter (unless Ludia thinks I spent too little money xD).

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I‘m very annoyed. Since update, there aren‘t green cubes in my area. I have to drive many hours with the bus or train only to see event dinos I don‘t need.

I‘m so frustrated. Since Wednesday, I drove many, many hours with the train, SBahn, bus and car only to find 9 Kaprosuchus. The few green supply drops I found only had Amargas and Nodos.

Really those were hours. Now my Spinotahsuchus has only 30 DNA and while I‘m swimming in Spinotahraptor-DNA, I‘m missing Kapro DNA. Ugh.

So frustrating. I understand that Ludia reduced the amount of green cubes to force us to go outside that‘s okay.

But c‘mon! No Kapro spawns at night, rate Kapro spawns during event. In half an hour it‘ll be finished and I didn‘t get enough Kapro DNA. All that invested time for nothing.

Plz excuse me, I‘m gonna dry my tears now lol.

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Same thing happened with me I also needed kapro to so I can create spinotosuchus but now its over.