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No dinosaurs on map

Hi there,
I have been having a lot of glitches lately, mostly with battles… keeps dropping me out of battles with an automatic loss, even when I’m clearly winning… or just disconnecting me altogether, only later to pop up randomly saying I’d lost. This is becoming more frequent, and it’s not due to a bad connection. I’m on an Iphone XR,
The other issue is that the map spawns NO dino’s or supply drops and is completely empty when I’m at home. This happens whether I’m on cell or my own network. Just nothing. This has been the case for the last week or two, and it sucks because the app is unplayable at home.
Why is this happening? Thanks…

Hey denhideous, could you send a screenshot of your in-game map over to our support team here at Our team would be happy to take a closer look, also, please make sure to include your support key in the email. Thanks!