No dinosaurs on the back streets


I love this game, but the only dinosaurs I see are on the main roads. I live on an air base with a bunch of back roads and no main roads, so, no dinosaurs. Is there any way we can get dinosaurs on some back roads? Even Pokemon Go had pokemon back here


I catch nearly all of mine on back roads and side streets. The only few and far between places for me are roads that go through the Daniel Boone National Forest. The game thinks it’s a park. The border of it is filled with dinosaurs but the middle is nearly empty.


To sort of shed some light on the issue, It’s because you live on a military base. The short explanation is that since the JWA app uses Google Maps as a base, and Google has to respect national security by law, they don’t typically detail many military bases past the standard visitor center/museums. What You’re experiencing is because of there being no Point of Interest info on Google Maps for your area.

It’s the same thing at Fort Campbell, or Pensacola NAS.


PoGo uses Openstreetmap as its base structure, not Google Maps. What appears in one won’t necessarily appear in the other.


Yeah, I just wanna echo what @Dalek62771 here said. I live in Hawaii, there are military bases all over, none of them have any spawns except on the very edges. So if you live on-base, that’s probably the reason.