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No diplo strike

So I have been hearing there is a 3rd epic strike that is diplodocus themed. I have looked all over the map but have only seen the epic strike and epic trial. Is there really a diplodocus themed strike or have I been misinformed

So yes but actually no; so from what one getting the epic strike and the dippy strike are the same but Ludia changed it last minute, so it was the diplodocus strike but it gave a Valentine’s Day incubator although some said they got diplodocus incubator; I got 500 diplodocus but I also got blue and acro so idk if they merged the prizes but ya it’s out there. Although do be warned the diplodocus dna is not guaranteed.

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The first hour, the strike tower gave wrong rewards and had a different set of Dinos. Trex, Allo and Sino. Then they changed it.