No DNA Is Useless: The Megahybrid Era

The update we got in December added Arctovasilas, a creature that completely changed what we thought was possible for hybrids. Not only can apexes be hybrids, but superhybrids can obtain hybrids. Many thought these “megahybrids” would be locked to apexes, but this changed last update, when Spinotasuchus and Majundaboa obtained unique hybrids.

It seems ludia is starting a new era where superhybrids can now obtain hybrids. This would mean that almost no DNA is useless, even endgame. Hesitant on darting Nodosaurus? Well, Gigaspikasaur, Stegodeus, and Nodopatotitan have potential to obtain either unique or apex hybrids, meaning Nodosaurus could be used for 3 potentially viable creatures. This would completely change its usefulness, going from a throwaway starter creature to a Carnotaurus in ankylosaur clothing. Nodosaurus is only one example. Hybrids seen as wastes of fuses such as Megalosuchus, Scaphotator, Pterovexus, and Tragodistis, as well as their ingredients, could easily become useful.

So for those that don’t dart everything on sight, I suggest doing so. Ludia has now given a reason to do so. All superhybrids without megahybrids have potential, so get all the DNA you can. Good luck players!


But Troodoboa and Albertospinos need hybrids now


Ummm, haven’t you heard about the upcoming apex troodalbertospinoboa?


We have to dart everything now. We do not know what could get a mega hybrid next. First arctovasilas in 2.12, now we have albertospinos and troodaboa, and ankylos lux. We just have no idea what could get a mega hybrid similar to the beginning of the game. Dart everything


Im ok with this idea as long it isnt a carno megahybrid

Come on Ludia have some love for Alankylosaurus, Alloraptor and Dimodactylus


Yeah. How does neither of those have hybrids lol? Has @Dimodactylus given up yet?

I’m still waiting for Alankylosaur, I’ve checked every release notes (that I was around for) for 3 years. Dimo would be cool, Scaphognathus got one and it came later! I know there’s more too, Procerathomimus has been around for almost 2 years and would be amazing.


They trying to make darting relevant again which in my opinion is something good for the game. I for one been guilty of giving up hunting at least a year ago.

I shoot everything all the time. I just don’t have as much of the exclusive due to not being good in arena :joy:

It is nice to be able to use a lot of stocked up max dna though for sure.

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No, I haven’t, I’ve just been forgetting to complain about it on patch notes threads.