No Dodo? Fast Dodo?

My son just got the Dodo statue. But the Dodo Event has yet to appear for me. And kind of weird that it completed after one hour. Anyone else (like my son) get the statue already? Or (like me) not even see the tournament?


I think the Dodo event is bugged.


Agreed. I only just heard it was coming last night, and the target is usually like 6 billion. Broken.


I only got access after the event was over. Then it let me in. But now the total damage is not going up. I just did one raid and it’s still at zero.

Hi all, the boss event should be working now.


I’ve made a couple of damage missions, then it got reset. Just for the info. I’ll give it another go after this last update of Keith’s. :v:t2:

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My son got the Dodo Easter Stature before it reset, so now will get two.

How do you get the amber event to unlock?

Amber event?

You mean the Boss Events “Time to Strike” and “Battlefield Domination”? If so then just complete othere vents that have the red ribbon. If you mean something else then I am not sure.

Bottom right on the Boss strike dashboard says ‘event locked’

Ohhhh, wow, yeah, what is that!?

It’s hard for me to find any motivation to participate in this event when the game crashes after each battle and therefore the damage dealt never counts. I’ve played a half dozen or so boss battles and the dodo I’m facing is still level 1 with full health, like nothing I’ve done has mattered at all. And I’m also not getting any dna rewards for the “deal XX damage” missions either for this same reason

I’ll note this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this - it’s happened with the past several bosses too - but. Ow that it crashes after ever single battle there’s just no way to proceed.

Hello Coasterdude318! Would you consider emailing our support team at They’ll be able to look further into the issues you’re experiencing. You can include your support key if you can.

Sure, I’ll submit a ticket after the event is complete and I have a total amount of damage I’ve dealt that didn’t get counted. In my mind there’s no sense in submitting a ticket now since the error is just going to continue to occur and damage not counted is going to continue to grow.

On a related note, it’s been four days since the server migration maintenance that broke this all for everyone and still no communication or updates from Ludia. I’ve played this game since almost the beginning, and this is by FAR the worst state this game has ever been in. What gives?