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No Donating Alliance?

So are there any good alliances out there that concentrate solely on the missions and other challenges and do not do the whole “donation” thing? Thanks.

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I’m not sure if this kind of an alliance would be a good idea considering that donations count towards both DNA collection and coin collection alliance missions. Correct me if I’m wrong though!


We focus on alliance missions first, like right now the rare dna mission is active. So, we WANT our alliance requesting rare DNA, but ONLY non-hybrid rare dna. We even have a list of dino from which to choose. Its only after DNA missions are completed, that our members can choose what we want/ need with no duplicate rare dino active at a time.
Here’s the list, for example


My alliance aslo recommends this for higher lv players. for the lower lv players on the other hand we encourage to ask for the rare hybrids of which they need dna.

This way they get the rare dna for the missions and the higher lv players that have donated it can fuse it back up by which you get double the rare dna for missions.

really is amazing that there’s anyone at all in these “you can only request rares that start with the letters X-Z on thursdays between 8:03 and 8:06 PM, but only when it’s raining and during a solar eclipse” alliances :sweat_smile:


We’re in same situation. Need 100k more rare DNA to finish rank5 exploration mission. We were discussing the same strategy in our alliance. This week they preponed the weekly featured rare dinos which also affected us.

The group on discord with me and I are trying to get the gang to only request common easy to fill stuff because this week has been horrible. Getting everyone to comply is a huge challenge. I don’t like crazy rules in my alliance but when we need to do what we need to do it is more challenging than fighting a team of 30s to make happen. Thankfully everyone donates super fair.


CB you completely forgot about the Full Moon :full_moon: restrictions

These dinos you “allow” are all useless though, might as well not request at all.

I mean its your game, play how you want and all, but I wouldnt be part of nonsense like this. :sunglasses:


It takes less than 3 mins. for people to collect. It beats people asking for Irritator that no one has to spare. To each their own. It’s only asked during rare dna mission alliance mission until completion.

Well it sounds like what I’m looking for may not exist. I’m just really tired of the top of my screen getting covered with notifications of people begging for Irritator, Dracorex, and other DNA that everyone else wants as well. I can somewhat understand requesting and donating crap to help complete missions but unfortunately it never works that way. I wish the “donation” system would be replaced with a true trading system where two people strike a deal and the trade is executed, rather than “donating” DNA with no guarantee that you get anything desired in return.

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We use a tier based dna request system and IT WORKS (for us). Tiers are 1-4 and assigned request days. T1 anytime T4 for Top Contributors only, and no double requests. The rules may be hard to handle for some, but it works. You only get requests for Irritator and Dimetrodon a few times a week. And REQUESTS are more often filled than when everyone was just requesting whatever whenever. We also “suggest” rares when we have the rare task. Alliances are out there for every play style, just have to search for what YOU are looking for.

Completly agree. Can’t blame the players for bad design though, the game only offers a handful of useful dinos to begin with. :wink:

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Why would you not want donations in your Alliance? That is almost the point of being in one.

That point is debatable. I would say that the missions are the point of alliances. If it weren’t for the missions I would happily not be in an alliance.

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