No Epic Brachiosaurus?!?!?


I just did one of the battles, specifically the single shot battle against an epic level brachiosaurus at level 24. I got all excited thinking that if I won, I would get an epic brachiosaurs! But no! I got DNA for apatosaurus, amargasaurus, and Argentinosaurus! Come on! At least give us the animal we fought! It doesn’t even have to be all it’s DNA, but SOME of it would be nice!


Same, I was extremely disappointed. Even 10 dna wouldve been fine because its my only undiscovered dino


I got 10 in a 12 hour incubator just FYI… so it is possible


I hear ya my brother did a rare strike yesterday and got some. I did the same one and none for me. The only one I have left to see


I did the same battle and i got 10 epic dna for braccy aswell as 3 other of the long necks


I did get some, but I was more excited about 300+ giraffatitan.


Finally… Last undiscovered Dino


It was the same for me. Now there’s only collecting DNA left ^^


are you in canada?? I was told he would ‘migrate’ to other regions later


No haha Scotland :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 :laughing:


perhaps he’s just not available yet in USA then?


I love knowing that I’m not the only one taking screenshots of my gaming! (Take that, my kids who think I have “a problem.”)



I’m fairly certain that anyone in any country can get Brachio DNA from an incubator–the odds aren’t great, but it’s certainly possible. The Strike Event incubators seem to be slightly more reliable at providing Brachio DNA than other incubators…but it’s hard to say for certain.


I do it all the time! :smile: Mostly for forum use (“Dinos Doing Things” is my favorite thread) but sometimes to show my boyfriend who got me hooked on the game even though he doesn’t play anymore.


The strike gave me 50 brachi DNA :man_shrugging:t2:


I finally got 15 Brachiosaurus DNA, but it was in the 6 round sauropod battle. It’s nice, but it’s still frustrating when I defeated one at level 26 in one shot and got squat.


I actually got some brachiosaurus dna from the white strike event, so you could try there. I was actually able to unlock it last night when I completed the event. I got a huge chunk from a 24 hour incubator right after the update and then got the last 13 or so dna (and more) when I finished the event. (In the US)