No epic dinos from St Patrick event

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Bug Description: I’m unable to find any on the map. All I can see are common, rare and unique.

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Aren’t they going to appear on Friday?

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I believe it’s Saturday, actually.

It keeps confusing me because of time zones. It can be anywhere between Friday and Saturday, earliest would be Friday evening for those in Asia I think. In Romania it’s Saturday afternoon.


Yeah, time zones are a bit confusing sometimes. lol

Are you sure? I thought St Patrick creatures will be featured on Tuesday and Wednesday only.

That was for the uniques only. And we had the Stygidaryx and Thoradolosaur for those 2 days.

Are you sure? I was darting common/rare ones too.

We have St. Patrick creatures schedule from monday. They posted wrong schedule on sunday.

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Those were parallel to the St Patrick’s drops.

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Oh I see. Thanks. :slight_smile:

the whole thing is confusing. the schedule didn’t match what was going on. but the epics should be out at the normal weekly event time for everyone’s respective time zones if that’s what’s actually happening.


Having the update during this event has proven to be yet another disaster… I didn’t get any uniques on my map after the update, no striketowers that we’re supposed to be there for another day… it’s been utterly laughable

Did you see any boosts tower yesterday? Was it also moved to another day?

Seems Ludia forgot about those. Even though someone wrote about their absence.

It was moved. As far as I’m aware, we don’t know to which day yet.

Wow. The schedule is a real mess.

The calendar was not in the usual spot on the Ludia Event Calendars, but I found a copy on Twitter. As cainshiro said, the schedule is a mess. Not much is matching up. Not even the rare dinos.

I just checked and Ludia has uploaded the event calendar for the week. Looks like this version is correct. [Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | March 2020

So first we was promised this: :grinning:

Then we had this :roll_eyes::

And now we’re supposedly getting this :disappointed::