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No epic dna from amc theater epic incubator


I spent an hour and a half driving 80 miles to the nearest amc movie theater to get the epic incubator. My wife and i both play. We both got the incubator and got the same exact rewards except she received 150 ankylosaurus dna to unlock her first epic dinosaur and i did not receive any epic dna. Everything else was completely the same. Please consider that i drove a round trip of 3 hours and almost a full tank of gas to get this incubator and didn’t even get an epic. Submitted a help ticket and no reply. Makes me not even want to play anymore.


On the bright side, at least there is a AMC theater in your area :slightly_smiling_face:


you sure you didnt just get a different dino epic dna instead? T Rex is most common i believe from it. Did you get the indominus dna at least?


That’s weird… I got V raptor, Rex, and 20 indom dna… don’t know what to tell ya


If this is legit, I would contact customer service. Because most get t rex and indominus rex dna


100% confirmed did not get any epic dna. Contacted staff and just waiting on reply. My screen went from rare dna to indomitus while r my wife got ankylosaurus, then she got indomitus.


Still no word from support. Just take your money and run.


Well unfortunately we in Europe don’t have any offers like this appear on our side yet. Hopefully soon we can get some offers appearing in the different countries that the game is currently available to be used.

I don’t like being spammed with Walmart or AMC when we don’t have any of those in Europe at the moment xD


I can understand that. Hopefully they partnerwith tesco or something


Hey there, ShadedFlash, I’m sorry to hear that this has happened to you. Unfortunately, we have no way of guaranteeing what you will obtain from an incubator. I see that you have already reached out to our support team, but we are experiencing a larger volume of tickets than expected so it may be some time before we are able to address your concern.


So you’re saying an epic incubator has the chance to not have epic dna? Even though it shows you how much epic and rare and common dna you’re supposed to get on the buy screen?


You literally have written the words " minimum guaranteed" underneath the loot bo-- I mean incubator. Give the man his dna and stop modelling your business practices after ea


Send in a help ticket, you should have gotten some type of EPIC. I actually got just the T-Rex DNA. Actually saw someone from support answered. Nice to see they’re listening.


I think he was saying they don’t log which specific type of DNA you actually received, not that you have a chance to not get it. I can’t image it having a way to see you not getting something since the only way for that to happen would be if there literally was code saying the was a chance to not get DNA. A lot more people would complain about that if that were the case. Especially since it goes in order and in order to reach indominus DNA it would have to go through a random epic DNA loop. If you error during the loop it should break out and not continue to the indominus. That’s why I believe he probably got it but maybe skipped watching it. If there was a chance to not get anything there would be more than one person saying it


You know the amc reward is a SUPPLY DROP not an incubator… there for the rewards are a fraction of the shops Incubator rewards. It was kinda dumb decision to drive 160 miles total and 3 hours of your time for just that. Can’t really blame them for a bad decision on your part.


It’s an epic incubator not a supply drop. The icon floating on the map is even an incubator


Not correct.
Game code is often written so if a portion errors than that portion is dumped and gets skipped.
This is done so as to not break the whole game.
As one studying game programming I have learned ways to deal with some errors without allowing them to break everything.
I do so in javascript which is an inherently fragile language.


It would be a terrible idea to implement code that way for an object such as an incubator. It’s better if it crashes because then there is a log and they can see what you got/missed.


Deciding to drive there was my decision, because getting the epic to me was worth it. Not getting the epic made it not worth it. Not blaming them for the drive. Just asking for sympathy and a fix for something that no one else is reporting (which points more toward a bug than intentional).


Already put in a ticket. Been over a week and no reply.