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No Epic Drops in Range

I couldn’t find any Epic drops in radius… Here are the screenshots.

Screenshot_20210522-193415_JW Alive
Screenshot_20210522-193417_JW Alive
Screenshot_20210522-193423_JW Alive
Screenshot_20210522-193425_JW Alive

Is this happening to anyone else too?

There is no epic strike on Saturdays. That will be tomorrow.

Or if you mean event drops, then that’s just RNG.


Yes, think he meant event drops. I had the same issue, hardly any event drops most of the week.

My theory is the strike towers are being placed directly on top of where the event drops are initially get placed.

I saw this after the drops were changed for one of the days… after change, I initially saw a good amount of event drops (top image) but after app restart a few mins later, almost all event drops were covered instead by strike towers (bottom image)

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I think it would be great if strike towers went completely off the map, instead of fading away, after they are completed. Think it would be a quick solution for this issue.

@Ned Can you give any help? Maybe check with developers?

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@Ned Could strike towers be removed completely when finished?

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I’ve forwarded the information to our team! Thank you, DPG members.

@MrDinoMan, I’ll share your idea with our team as well. :+1:


Hi I had the same problem but with none creatures in my area (the epics)

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