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No epic event in my map


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Supossly today is epic event pteranodon and alanqa but in my map dont appears


Go farther. It wont neccesarily be instantly viewable from wherever ur at


It’s apparently around, but just much more rare than usual. I also can’t see a single one from where I am, and I’m seeing multiple people reporting the same thing on Discord.

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Maybe it’s just in case someone missed the one yesterday- I think that one wasn’t on the schedule I saw.


I traveled probably 15 miles before I saw one


There was epic strike event on my dads phone but not for me. Where the epic strike event on my dads phone was a common strike event for me


Once I had a problem, that game didn’t loaded with last strike towers (couldn’t see any). When I got outside and off wifi, I got the message that JWA needs to be updated. So restarted it and I saw strike towers normally.

Hope this helps.


I also had to travel like 10+ km to see one (and that travel was like in local streets not on main road).

If I haven’t check forum then I would not even noticed this Epic strike event.


This Epic tower is definitely rare and very hard to find. Not sure if it was intentional OR just random.

Really hope other ones won’t be that hard to find in future (as winter is here)


I ended up missing out on this strike entirely, as there was only one epic tower in all of town and i couldn’t get to it before work. Disappointing.


I definitely believe somehow this epic tower was much harder to find as it was not within sight from the usual places such as my home and workplace.

I had to travel a little way off to do it.


Usually the towers are well distributed unless there are too many strike/scent towers during same day.

For a couple of earlier Epic Strike Towers, I had the following observations:

  • You won’t find the Epic Tower anywhere. Travelling long might not help and is not useful.
  • Performed certain actions which reloaded/refreshed the map replacing existing supply drops/towers with the Epic towers. For me the actions were like: claim the daily chase gift, reloading app (can clear cache as an additional Step), completing another strike/scent tower.

Is there an epic today?


It’s there but I only found it after driving all around town, typically it was in the last zone I checked (zone 2) and there was only one. It seems to be a rare Epic Strike Tower :joy: