No Epic Raptor strike tower within my range

I opened my map and somehow, I don’t seem to find any golden strike tower within my area or walking range. Please add it in or within my map. Thank you :slight_smile:


I had that too and I was in a car trying to find one and I only bumped into 3

Another typical Ludia mess up …. I don’t even know why we bother reporting this stuff any more.

I haven’t got one within 3 miles in every direction.

On the upside I could buy a car (and an have an unlimited budget to fill it with fuel) then I could have found one!

What a joke for an ar game that encourages walking to have this kind of nonsense so consistently.


There’s none in mine as well even if I move there’s nothing

The next update should be about supply drop generation, I’m tired of this, we get all of these events and a lot of us can’t even get a chance, some of us get from 3 to 6 supply drops in our areas while others have more than 10 and even they sometimes miss out because of all of this

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The same nothing in sight around here either.

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I see it on map

I went out for an hour on my bike and saw 0

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Same here. No epic tower.

Nothing here either @Breona

Good to see it’s rare to find for everyone as it is for me. No epic tower strike, no tournament access. Happy Friday Ludia…

None for me either.

You know when you don’t see one in range and you don’t even see one OUT of your range from your current location that there’s most likely a problem.

I’m having this issue too.

Hey everyone! The info has been given to the team. Will update when there is news.



You’re not the only one. I live in a smallish town (about 6km across), surrounded by bush, and there is no s nothing in town. Haven’t checked outside town as connectivity there is patchy at best.

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Since the reset today, I’ve traveled almost a total of 25 miles, and in this time, I’ve only seen two gold strike events, of which only one was feasible to access and was located in a bad part of town. From speaking to members of the GamePress Discord as well as a couple of people from my alliance, it sounds like this tower spawn is extraordinarily rare and I’m far from the only person having this problem. While I understand part of this game is getting out and moving around, the infrequency of spawns for this strike event takes it to an extreme that I don’t find reasonable–especially as I don’t want to go into a part of town known for robberies at gunpoint and carjackings to complete the strike.

Ludia, please consider extending this strike event through tomorrow and increasing the spawn frequency on it.

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The events should be rotated as was done at the beginning of this game where there were 2 time zones for the events, honestly for me the DNA is not the most important thing in this assault event, but the coins are what is really necessary since each It is increasingly rare to get them and they are necessary to climb the creatures.

Hey everyone, the team understands the distribution of epic strike towers is low and are looking into it.

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It’s the Treasure chase. Where there are too many chests out there they eat up all the towers.