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No epic spawn

Since the update I haven’t found a single epic daily spawn Dino or even ome Monolophosaurus wich is L3
I think you went way too far with the spawning reduction. It’s a nightmare for those players who used to enjoy going out hunting

I’m really annoyed they nerfed the spawn rate for epics. I used to see 3-4 per day now I’m lucky if I see one. :frowning:

Just got this at my house! No where near a park.

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I obviously can’t explain this but there is clearly a large discrepancy in this as I and other have noted seeing substantially increased spawns including epics. I’m seeing way more than previously.

Since 3 days spawnrate changed to more bad than before to me…

Spawns in generel got bad again

image image

I got vip back coz they made spawns better…now it looks the whole day like this…

If you are sitting still, it will appear that there are no spawns. They have added a TON of proximity spawns though. Dinos appear every 5sec on some roads when I’m in a car. My guess is that they did this to cut back on spoofers and to make us get out and play more.


Even when I drive with the bus to work and back it’s the same

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As much as that is appreciated they didn’t think of the car hunters a lot. Especially with winter coming up. Hunting by car is what I do every day. I have pretty much lost interest in hunting since the update due to proximity spawn and the risk they pose when driving :confused:

Unless you are driving/riding down roads that have supply drops on them, you likely won’t see the prox spawns. They appear to be located primarily a long the paths that supply drops are on. If you are driving down roads that don’t have supply drops on them, you likely won’t see anything.

I can be on a highway that has a feeder/side road running parallel. If all the supply drops are on the feeder road, I won’t see the prox spawns. If the two roads get close enough together that my inner circle overlaps with the feeder road, the prox spawns will pop up on the feeder road, but despawn in a fraction of a second because they only catch the very edge of my inner radar circle.

If they increased prox spawn radius to the outer radar/battery circle, it would be 1000% better.

I will take this with a grain of salt. I don’t know how often you play or even open your map. If you are sitting at home or actively hunting. You cant just post blanket statements without facts.

It’s a fact I haven’t got a single daily epic spawn but one Darwin on Saturday since the update. Believe me, i spend hours in the game , many of them while I ride my bicycle and some of them in the car or public transportation, I live in one of the largest cities in the world wich is Mexico City, I live in a very populated zone of the city with tons of comercial areas around who used to have a lot of green spots and I can tell you AS A FACT that I am not getting the same amount of epics I used to since the last update, Monolophosaurus was the one I got the most , 2-3 each day , that’s why I have a 26 level Monostegotops , well, not even once Monolophosaurus has appeared close or in the areas I move daily.
I am not complaining just because I enjoy coming here to complain, it’s because I am a super active player who lives hunting every single dino I find , open spots and battle and i can tell the difference before and after about spawn.

@Cronista we are neighbors i live in GDL. A 26 monostegatops isn’t much to crow about i have a 27 with probably enough to push him to 28 and i don’t even live or work in zone 3. You say you haven’t seen a daily spawn and then you say except for Darwin which is a daily spawn.

I have noticed a downgrade as well but they are still around. I got anky yesterday i got 2 Darwin’s on Saturday.

Lol, whats your point ? and No we are not neighbors , we are 6 hours away by car if you want to be specific.
1 Darwin in a week is enough daily spawn for you in a week really ?? Or you just want to start an argument ? If I opened this post is to help the game improve, settling down with what we have now isn’t not making us any favor. And of course a legendary in level 26-27 is something when you can Realize the amount Of dna and fusions you need have available to reach that level .