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No epic strike again for me tonight

So I have 5 of the other strike but none of the epic strike… smh… why am i not surprised…

@Ned let me guess will I need to send an email with my support key :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m not gonna even bother anymore

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Unfortunately, you might just end up missing out on this one. I can confirm it’s out there this time! Just did it a couple minutes ago.


can confirm it is out there. i just cant reach it because it’s down the road a ways. kinda sucks.

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Thanks for confirming… I just closed the app I am done for tonight​:rofl::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::weary:

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I’m like, so so in your situation, I do see some… but they are out of range… @Ned can I make a suggestion? I know we may have giga scents and you have increased drone ranges for us during the covid-19 pandemic, however, sometimes even with the drone range increase sometimes you still can’t reach a far strike event. Is it possible to make a app that lets you move around while you can stay at home for JWA? I understand that having the app will just ruin the purpose since everyone would just stay in and use the app, however we have to stay at home due to COVID-19, however, I think having the app for now would be a good idea and then just shut it down when the coronavirus pandemic is over, how about that?

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Yeah its there I see it out of reach. I mean its 10:30 pm here. And I even work in the morning. I can’t go get it man. I think it should run for 24 hours at least.

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I guess it would be too much work to add a tab of events in the battle menu, so everyone can do them just like juarric world the game

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Can confirm it out there I did it but idk if I got screwed or blessed tbh with the rewards

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This is a win imo.

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Yeah its a win unless you want darwin lol

I went to get it. And I was the only person out there. Quite eerie.

They should make the epics always 24 hr.


True but I could have unlocked gyleken or grypo finally

Dude gemini is a MUST in the high arenas. Grylenken I guess you want to unlock it, but it’s not very good. I kinda have to admit even though it has the role of IG2 (spam distraction and then finish off with raking claws), still, gemini is a must.

I can’t see one anywhere on the map, either. It’s raining and quite windy here, so I’m not going to walk in a random direction hoping I find one. I don’t understand why it’s so rare.

Yeah I can see 81 supply drops from my house (just counted). 2 of the 81 are the epic strike. Neither in range but at least I should be able to snag before work tomorrow

I dont see any epic strikes in the whole town @Ned

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that you were not able to find any Epic Strikes around your area. I’ve relayed this back to our team. :sweat:


Thanks Ned :sweat:

who was it that suggested having the strike towers under a separate battle tab so everyone can do them all? there were a few people. It would be a great idea, especially during this crisis when people can’t go out to get that strike tower that’s either down the road or halfway across town.


I not sure who brought it up… maybe @Phil? But I would love that idea

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would also leave room for more event creature spawns if the towers were in that tab rather than on the map.

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