No epic strike event on map today?

I don’t have any of the Darwin epic strikes event on my map today?

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Where I live there is none too… :neutral_face:

@Ned @E.D Can u look into this

none 360 degrees around my house either. i’ll have to go drive around. thankfully USA stay home orders are really just suggestions. not sure how people in country’s where they are actually orders are supposed to get it.

I didn’t have one at first; it changed for me 5 minutes ago

Hey everyone, could you please try restarting your game?


Thank you @Ned that worked I was able to access it on my map now


I see one, but…
Tell me we aren’t gonna have the same problems we had with the Secodonto one.

The event appeared on my map and I already managed to beat Darwin. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was able to play it with no problems!

image image

Glad it appeared after restart. It looked more like [IDS_PVE_NONEXISTENT_NAME] until now.

Had mine show up. It did have a bug where it had [IDS_PVE_NONEXISTENT_NAME] instead of text.

Ah yes, good old IDS_PVE_NONEXISTENT_NAME happened to me too.

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