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No epic strike tower on android

First pic is iPad account, strike tower in view.
Next pic android account. Epic strike tower is completed boost strike. Never was epic, can’t find any epic anywhere.

I am also seeing this issue.

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So weird, i didn’t have this issue and my phone is android.

Same here.

it’s probably there somewhere, probably just like half a mile away…

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I had trouble finding one on android too. The park idea didn’t work so well. Not one orange drop or tower the whole way.

This is the case for us too.

Same happened last Wednesday and it came good on Thursday.

This week it’s still like it since Wednesday.

Both me and my wife have contacted Ludia and guess what?


Took me about 15 min of driving around to find an epic tower (on Android) but it was there!
Very easy battle, but in all fairness you’re not missing out on the rewards.

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unless you need both erliks that is… and i was actually lucky enough to get 20 phorusaura aswell :wink:

I traveled over ten road miles yesterday, none anywhere. Two towns, three different locals.

The point you miss is that the epic strike tower was replaced with a boost strike tower.

I’m fairly certain we should all see the same features, no?

oof! that’s very unlucky…

My point in this post was shouldn’t we all see the same features?

The epic strike tower was right there on Apple.

It was not there on android, in it’s place was a boost tower. It was the same all around town. Apple had plenty of epic towers in my travels. Android ones were all boost.

Do we all see different features, or are they different?

I’ve heard reports before that they are different.
Google is the one who decides on where the spawn points are and what type, and who knows they give you different data based on your device.

In my experience, they are the same. Creature spawns, towers and supply drops.

You can compare the two pictures, taken within minutes of each other. The only difference is that one tower, everything else is the same.

I do get creature spawns on one device occasionally and not the other, but I attribute that to location/condition triggers that perhaps are only met by one device and not the other.

Towers have always been the same type and location, in my experience.

Did you restart the app on both phones though? Because at the daily switch it’s usually different when I do a restart.

Sorry but not everyone has the same map. I have two accounts on two different iPhone 6. Drops are in different locations and even the ones in that share a location don’t always have the same towers or Dino’s under them. It’s not even an issue between android and iOS. Seems to me each individual device shows different things. I recall a gaming beaver episode were his iPad had a drop that his phone didn’t, even on the same account.

I did, and rebooted both devices.

I don’t believe it.

This would suggest that feature location (creature spawns, strike towers and supply drops) is determined at device level.

If that were true, it would be fairly easy to exploit that. Not only could you play from home without spoofing, but you could determine what spawns there, and have all the strike towers there.

In my experience with several accounts on different devices, they show the same with few exceptions…exception being a few random creature spawns which probably only spawn under certain conditions.

Two screenshots taken at the same time from the same location by different accounts on different devices. You can see one account shows a drop as a strike tower, while the other doesn’t. Admittedly, these are the only examples I found while scanning thru my screenshots but I remember seeing things like this a lot. Old screenshots taken from back in April, perhaps the new map technology update fixed this issue? Or maybe it still persists, I’m not really sure.