No epic strike tower

Nothing more needs to be said, anyone else got the same? Or am I just in a really unlucky position?

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I don’t have it either :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

I don’t have one, too

Nope I got the trial tower but not the epic strike tower.

I do not see a single one at a distance, it is a bad distribution as Ludia has used to us, or they have simply forgotten to place it on the map.


They forgot it last week aswell. They fixed it tho after a little while so hopefully this week will be the same


@Ned do you know something about this problem?

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It is amazing that this look like somebody has to “flip a software switch” to start it, and the only guy who’s on duty on sunday is simply sleeping in the server room, waiting for an alarm to go off, instead of doing it’s job. I think that by now, Ludia should at least simply add it into the code, instead of trusting that guy… Once you post the schedule at the beginning of the week, nothing should depend on somebody sleeping on the job!


I can see one. Not close but it is there.

You sure that’s not the epic trial tower you can see?

100% sure

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Fair enough. Distribution is extremely poor on this one. Gonna have to go for a drive again and a lot further

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So they are out there but the spawn rates must be very low. Everyone else I talked to haven’t seen one.

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JWA: The only game were you need an airplane so you can get to some of the important items, during a pandemic. Make sense…


I see the Epic Strike Tower but I don’t see Phorasaura anywhere

On my android device (second account) its all over the place. On iOS it’s nowhere to be seen…
@Ned is this an issue?

360 on both devices


@Ned @E.D pls some help concerning this issue. Can’t find one after driving 10km…

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It’s out there, usual ridiculous distribution that has been the case over the last few months.

What the hell that’s strange and pretty conclusive. I’m using iOS so it would make sense I can’t see one :rage:

I am using Android and can’t see one, so the OS doesn’t matter