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No epics or dart packs, reduced giga scents

Why aren’t there any weekly epics on the map today?! Did something change with the update that I missed?

Also noticed that giga scent capacity went down from 3 to 2, and you can’t buy packs of 300 darts anymore.

Hey Ludia - covid ain’t over yet. What gives?

Dart sales have been removed and giga scents supply has been reduced by 1, not sure why but at least we still keep the gigas and extended range, but not sure about your no weekly epic problems

The update removed the 350 dart sales and reduced the GIga Scent capacity due to covid cases going down in most parts of the world (although I think the should’ve done it when every country was safe).
About your epics, you probably had bad luck with the Event Supply drops, this weekend we have Blue, Troodon and Haast Eagle, you sure you haven’t seen them?