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No epics seen on Saturday

Hey guys,

so I planned on darting the epics (I need that Kentro) this evening but there are no epics spawning. Arent they supposed to spawn on Saturday and Sunday or do I get that wrong? :smiley:


I’ve seen them today. But they are poorly distributed unless you really get out there

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Yeah I’ve been outside looking for them but no chance.

Yup yup, same thing. We live in the city so there are supply drops everywhere but when we were out there the spawn points were weirdly far apart.

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A park nearby only has 2 spawns. It’s not exceptionally big but usually it consists of 4 green drops. Hopefully the same issue doesn’t occur next week

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No epics / green supply drops anywhere near me.
This is the first time in the history of the game where this has happened.

It’s really disappointing that Ludia have decided to make the more coveted resources extra scarce while there’s a global pandemic going on.
They mustn’t care about us in the slightest.


It was very hard finding green supply drops today. I’m not sure what’s going on but it’s been a very long time since it’s been this difficult. They were so few green drops.

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Supply drops definitely seemed more sparse than usual today. Normally I can get my epics pretty easily just walking around the nearby park/a few blocks around my house. Today I had to be driven around for about 50 minutes to find all my mammoth.

Indeed. Well guess I have to try it again tomorrow

They are out there. There just seem to be reduced green drops. I’m desperate to get some mammoth but I doubt I’ll find enough to get what I need. :sob:

That really sucks big time. I have 1 and am in lockdown and very unhappy with 1. It has been nodopatosaurus most of the time. It makes me wonder if vip is still worth to pay for.

I have none in sight.

Another huge misleading event after the supposedly “Trick and Trick and Trick” Chase.

There are barely any anywhere, it’s ridiculous.

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I have managed to get a couple more mammoths but there aren’t enough green supply drops out there.

i saw a bunch today!
first pteranodon
then immediantly kentro
then an amargocephalus popped up

Stuff like this makes me glad that I quit…

Why do you linger the forums after quitting? :joy: nothing else to do?

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I found a lot