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No Erlido or Tryko for me

This is ok :slightly_smiling_face: my T rex is at a 20 with 2800 extra. Erliko is an 18, Ankyn a 20 with extra Kentro. Indor is at a comfy 26. It’s been a long time and the ingredients aren’t available so am considering leveling Indom. I’m thinking even if there is an event and I unlock one or the other they will be too low of a level to utilize. Indom has been benched for a long time. I can’t put more hours in without neglecting more important things in life. Not sure what to do…


Real life always precedes a game.

I have learnt to let go and be more chill about it over the years.

You ain’t gonna be some ‘King of the World’ once the servers shut down… one day.

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Queen in my case lol! I hoped to unlock them all at some point, but have gotten through worse life challenges for sure :grin:

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In Ludia’s ideal and totally fair world only people in the Southern Hemisphere or without a job should have tryko and erlidom.

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I was trying for Tryko, finally got T Rex to 20… and now rarely find her… but fairly close to leveling Indo to 27 so that’s the immediate plan.

I never benched I Rex, find her immunity and cloak too useful in this meta. She’s lvl 21, enough for now.

What we need is a T Rex event :smiley:

As for Erlidominus… I don’t understand how anyone has her :thinking:


If I level indom the following week Anky will be featured. Maybe I should wait being I have close to 2600 kentro. This week sure isn’t helping anyone much, but maybe it’s leading to a phenomenal week following. Positive outlook, positive outcome!

Is tryko usable at a 21-22 in the low 5000’s?

Yes! Arguably the best Dino in the game. Post your team for 5k

There is a level 30 indom out their… maybe ask that guy about his and make a choice based on that info.

Or move to one of those local 5s. Where erlich, anky, trex, kentro, ourano spawn at a greater rate then kapros and nodosaurs

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I have both. Honestly yes tryko is good but If you have a Dino with immune and either a shield shattering or nullify, Tryko isn’t that boss.
Erlidom, any opponent with any shield could easily beat it.

I’ve tried epic scents a few times in 4 but all I get are @Hersh koolas lol


Spino gen-2s are the new koola for me! :man_facepalming:t4::sweat_smile:
I’ve tried a few epic scents in the erlik zone and easily half of my spawns are spino :man_shrugging:t4:

Just gotta say I don’t want any dumb erlikos and then they will come!

:thinking: hmm… me either.
Erliks are terrible, never want to see one ever again … :hourglass_flowing_sand:

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This is what I’m working with, thor, steg and megalo have gained a level since I got to my all time high of 5017 last week. I’ve been camping :slightly_smiling_face:

For the patience it takes to get erlidom it should be beyond amazing…

You’ve got a great team @Kodiakhunter1… I’m sure the tournament ending is throwing the trophy count for a loop but I think you’re team has what it takes to climb higher (obviously dont risk it right now, but those dinos have some high levels to them)

Thanks Hersh! Wish I could use all the t rex for something…

I have a feeling the week after next will be the “Fast” theme… you’ll have plenty of raptors if you decide to level up indoraptor while saving up anky for tryko in mean time.

My indoraptor has been at 27 since November, since then I brought rex from 15 to 20 and leveled tryko to 24.5.

Once you get indoraptor up to 27ish, it sadly doesn’t make much difference since those indo-indo battles come down to RNG anyway

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Like, not this garbage week but the following one?

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