"No Escape" IS SO GOOD!

My thylo about kill the “tyrant” grypo


My Stygidaryx: This buff ain’t so minor!

Here’s my daryx strategy:

Erlidom use Strike And Run (or just anything swaps in)

Stygidaryx uses Invincibility cus of swap in. Tanks a hit.

Stygidaryx uses either cleanse and swoop to get out, the enemy gets bound if they try to swap. If not, superiority Strike.

Lethal Swoop cus I’m still bound. Then cleanse and swoop to get out. They won’t be able to escape that 53% bleed!

Oh trust me, it does if you take advantage of its swap in ability bounding you for 2 turns.

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Lol honestly why would I try knowing it would fail I rather just try to finish it off as soon as possible

sack of trash

How dare you :angry:

Well the thing is, it may have only 1 damaging move, but that doesn’t make it bad! Stygidaryx can be really good if you know how to use it. I use it on my team. Yes, WITH BOOSTS. And I don’t regret it. Swap In Invincibility to block out attacks! Cleanse and swoop is an offensive cleanse. Superiority Strike isn’t bad either, and since your bound for 2 turns, use lethal Swoop turn 2, and they can’t swap! Ha!

Just because I said “how dare you” and did an angry face doesn’t mean I’m actually mad ok?

It’s Daryx’s surviveability that’s the problem. If it gets taken out directly after using LS, the opponent can still swap. Also if Daryx gets stunned, the opponent can still swap. If that Erlidom swapped to Smiloceph, Smilon or Phorusaura…you get what I mean.


And 1.12 has added another Immune to DoT creature to the game. Entelomoth and Mammotherium, along with all the other Immunes would pretty much destroy Daryx.

That’s situational. Stygidaryx is situational. Everything has counters, even the rat with the new entelmoth! Stygidaryx sucks against immunes. I’ll give you that. It can’t swap in invincibiliy against chompers either. But my stygidaryx destroys tanks and lots of other dinos.

Well while attacking, you would take that 53% bleed :wink:

Also, Daryx is also vulnerable to No Escape and other On Escape abilities.
But yeah, as you said situational. Too situational for me, even though I do like it.

Or I do just strikes it and cleanse the wound it really no that hard to counter heck even rhino over here beats him

Oh no! An immune beats a bleeder! That means the bleeder sucks!

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LOL I know, “sack of trash” was likewise a joke, if you like it and it kills things that’s great. :grin:

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I think they normally list them in the next patches bug fixes section.

But its nice to see the on escape…or rather, on ATTEMPTED escape heh works well.

Draco is currently in exile on some island talking to a volley ball.


For Grypolyth there is a problem.It’s the lockdown ability.Now that the lockdown exist as a passive ,i can think only one situation that it could be useful.When the opponent is ready to release his big move AND at the same time you have 1sec cooldown in regeneration move.
Can you think any situation other than that?

If they consider to change in the next update or as a hotfix in the upcoming weeks,i would like to see a vulnerability strike or critical strike


No escape didn’t prevent an Erlidominus from swapping out on me, does that mean immunes are…well…immune to the effect?


yup,immunes are not affected.


Yep that caught me out too - those pesky immune imunes.

I do like the new “swapping” indicator that flashes up though.


Unannounced? It was announced

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Before he has No escape Daryx was only trash for me but now it’s looks very cool and funny to use. But the problem is he can’t almost do anything against immune dinos wich are very powerful and common like Erlidom, Magna and Maxima. I think I’ll use it only in the friendly battles for fun and maybe in a unique Tournament

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