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No Escape?... not totally. BEWARE!

I thought no escape would be awesome. No more running away for monostego or DC. Right?


If the ‘no escape’ creature is stunned - which DC and monostego can do - they can get away while the creature is stunned.

That, combined with the fact they gave no escape to a creature whose biggest damage move is a bleeding swap out, again just proves that Ludia really doesn’t know how its own game works.

No escape - nice try, but it won’t work beyond the next day or two when people figure out how to get around it. With so many immune dinos and stunners, the only thing it would really work against is the chompers, who will just ‘chomp - CRIT’ you’re dead.

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The only way for this to become what they probably envisioned is for it to work on immune dinos and for them to be immune to stun.

I have to say I still cant see much point to these moves. Was people swapping in and out much of an issue? The biggest swappers I see are all AI.

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Or maybe this is just a bug? @Ned

Well, it depends. If your Croc is faster than DC/Monostego, then they can stun you and escape. If not, then they’re locked down permanently.

Also, DC/Monostego will have trouble coming in in the first place if you have a Croc on the field, unless your opponent is immune to swap-prevention.

Chompers aren’t a problem for all crocs. Purutaurus and Sarcorixis do fine against them.
Also, just because there are stunners doesn’t mean there’s a problem. They have to be slow stunners, or your Croc has to have bad timing with priority moves.

Sure, Manual swaps against crocs will decline as time moves on, but people use Instant Distraction on Immunes to this day, lol.
Also, not all uses for No Escape are predictable:
You see, swaps in general have been overhauled. Now the faster creature swaps first, then the slower one. What this means is that if you have the faster creature in a matchup, and you know your opponent is likely to use a hit-and-run move or manually swap, you can swap in your Croc with No Escape and gain a free entry, or even take out that pesky creature trying to escape with a counter-attack.

This application of No Escape is unpredictable, so you can’t really get used to it over time.

Nope. It was mentioned in the patch notes.

On escape dust cloud is extremely awesome when you predict a swap properly and swap in the boa g2

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No escape is best for swapping it in on an opponent that is about to swap out, since u should be faster

For example, if a dc just regenerated u can swap in the daryx

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I know right! I used it in Campaign, and the AI swapped so much that Boa’s 1006 damage rampage did 3149 on a crit.

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