No Escape oddity/glitch

So i found a glitch with no escape, at least i feel as though its a glitch because it doesn’t make much sense. I had my Sarcorix on the field against a tryko. I used stunning strike after it used instant distract, it became stunned which means next turn it can’t attack or counter attack. The opponent tried to swap tryko out and “no escape” activated. Tryko was no longer stunned and after my sarco attack it did its counter attack and had it crit on that counter i would’ve lost the match due to the no escape nullifying the stun that was in place. I’m not sure if its suppose to work that way but its a bit of a warning for everyone. Had it been something that uses counter attack as its strong suit i would have lost. Just be wary of it when fighting. It seems like the game may be treating this as a turn which is why it would nullify the stun but it still doesn’t make sense if the opponent can just nullify it by trying to swap and getting the counter and possible win.

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@Ned @Ludia_Developers is their anyway we can get some clarification on this?

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Sarco is faster.
You used stunning strike, tryko was stunned, no counter attack from Tryko.

End of turns.

Tryko chose swap out and was locked.

You again attacked, and Tryko countered.


Working as intended.

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The Swap counted as a move.
If you try to Swap out against a Creature with “No Escape”, you looses a turn.
Not a Glitch.

No. Tryko went first and was stunned for the entirety of the next turn.

He was losing a turn from being stunned anyways so it doesn’t matter. I’m asking for clarification from someone at Ludia, not the masses, as to whether this is intended or not and to warn people who may not know that its working this way.

You will not get clarification from the devs. The mods may chime in.

Tryko was boosted to be faster than your Sarcorix?

I’m just trying to help here.

No. Tryko used instant distract so it went first then was stunned.

Yes, and it didn’t counter attack.

Then you chose another attack, he tried to swap out, “priority” which was prevented, your attack landed and he counter attacked.


If so, working as intended.

Yes but it should have been stunned for that counter attack and the next regular attack and counter attack. Due to no escape the second counter attack that wouldn’t activate due to stun did activate. I understand he would’ve swapped anyways and still loses a turn but he was losing a turn anyways and couldn’t counter attack prior to the no escape activation which would be a very bad way to lose a match.

Why would your stun be active for two turns?

It is working as intended. Even if you’re are Stunned you can swap out and bring another creature. No Escape prevent that. So basically your opponent loosed 2 turns. The counter was from your second Attack.

When you’re Stunned there’s only two options, to pass or to swap. Your opponent chooses latter.

The thing is you don’t loose a turn when you’re Stunned, you looses a turn to use a move.

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Okay. Tryko is stunned after going first, the stunning hit did not get counter attacked. Next turn tryko is stunned and cannot attack, i attack, tryko cannot counter attack because the counter attack is counted in with that turn which it is stunned.

Had he swapped or not swapped he would’ve lost the turn from stun, had no escape not been a factor he still would’ve lost 1 turn with swapping. I’m not upset or anything because like i said i still won but if you lined up the stun to take advantage of a full turn then him swapping to nullify the stun doesn’t make sense. I would’ve hit the next dino which would’ve been fine, even if it was a counter attacker he swapped and i hit, makes sense. But he was stunned for a whole round and cannot swap so he was already losing that turn for attack from the stun. It doesn’t make sense for it to work that way because if its a dio or grypo then i would stun to avoid the counter then all you have to do is try to swap when you know you can’t and get the free counter attack? Which would be better than just completely loaing both attack and counter attack and makes the stun i planned pointless?

I’m not arguing with what you are saying, it makes sense to a degree, I’m just saying it doesn’t make sense for it to work that way if it just nullifies a stun to get that winning counter in. It shouldn’t disregard the tactic i used to give the opponent that last hit that could win them the match. I mean this is Ludia though so i guess it shouldn’t surprise me.

In any other circumstance, if tryko used a priority move before being stunned, then yes, his next turn should get a pass, and the counter attack should not have happened. Seems like a bug to me. Just like the shields disappearing after a hit and run move that was talked about here on forum in the past. Seems the game takes a swap as a turn regardless off whether it’s part of a move or a manual swap. That’s the real bug.

Firstly I’d like to state that I didn’t know this was a thing, but it does make sense based on how the mechanics are supposed to work.
I don’t face creatures with No Escape a lot either, except for the occasional Purutaurus.

Secondly, yes, that’s a legit strategy that can be used now, and an interesting one at that.
What I didn’t understand is why it doesn’t make sense to you.
It doesn’t nullify your stun, that Tryko still lost a chance to attack you and a counter, all it got was it’s second counter, because it lost two turns, and the stun wore off after the first one.

That’s how No Escape works, and if used right, you can use it to waste a turn of yours to speed up status effects. For example, if your dino was Distracted and it tried to swap out against a No Escape creature, the Distraction would wear off if it had one turn left. This would make no difference on a regular dino, but on a counter-attacker it could mean the difference between winning and losing.
Only against Sarcorixis or Grypolyth of course, since other creatures with No Escape can’t stun.
It’s a cool strategy imo.

What does incompetence have to do with whether a sensible strategy is viable or not? I would understand if you had said they should have explained this effect to the players in advance, since communication is definitely not their strong suit.

Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense. I agree it’s not immediately obvious when you think of the move, but it’s easily explainable.

There are other abilities that allow one dino to perform two turns while the opponent only gets one, like SIAs, hit-and-run moves, etc and No Escape abilities are just the latest.
Both of the examples I mentioned above have caused some confusion in the forums because both players don’t get a turn each when they normally would, but that’s a direct, if not immediately obvious result of the abilities.
It does not mean they don’t make sense.

Edit: After reading @Dankysaurus’ comment, I rest my case.

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In the release notes for 1.12, it was specifically stated that if an opponent tries to manually swap against a No Escape creature, they lose a turn.
That’s exactly what’s happened here.

The confusion about SIAs paired with hit-and-run moves is somewhat deserved.
To add to the confusion, Ludia never took a position on the matter. Arguably the wording in some move descriptions is vague, with the word “turn” being undefined. Words like “action” would be better.

Regardless, No Escape doesn’t suffer from the same ambiguity.

yay confirmation that swaps are in fact treated as a turn.
i actually missed that part.

You just answered your question.
Stun and all Negative effects will be gone when a creature choose to swap out. When your opponent choose to swap out, the Stun effect is gone.

It should be like that for every Negative effects.