No Escape should be a Cunning ability primarily

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now, all the way back to when it was introduced. Why can’t cunnings be the primary source of No Escape? Think about it - one of the biggest problem with cunnings is that their garbage HP means anything can knock them out before they get a 2nd move in, usually.

Resilients? Slow 'em down on turn one, KO on turn two.
Fierce? Cleanse that distraction turn 1, swap to swap-in-damage dino and KO on turn two.
Don’t mind taking a hit on another dino? Swap-in slow, then throw up a shield, then KO in turn three.

Cunning creatures are just like their name says, not to mention their main thing is speed - speed which, in battle, should make it difficult for opponents to leave without getting pounced on. This would also stop the problem of cunnings getting KO’d far too quickly with all the swap in moves.

This wouldn’t change much. Resilients would still win against them. But with this in place, cunnings can stand a chance again, especially in tournaments. I’m seriously sick of having teams entirely comprised of resilient and fierce dinos.

If you think about it, it kinda makes sense to give them no escape mostly because, in real life, theyre really fast and nothing can escape them. Have youve ever seen a trex “escape” from a huge pack of raptors?


The thing about the swap-in dinos is that they are usually resilients. So they’re sort of meant to work that way.

I’m not opposed to the idea, just saying.

They’ve given distraction-cleansing to way too many fierce creatures too. It’s kinda lazy.
The only creatures it sort of makes sense on are DC and Dracocerat, but they only really need to cleanse swap-prevention, not distraction.

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I totally agree I hope ludia here’s this

I thought the same, they are so fragile, some of them can have no scape, aswell some fierce could have it, like crocs, or andrew, maybe raptors or creatures like arctops

Or maybe raptors could have, on scape pursuit 1x or 0.5x damage and 75% or 100% change of pinning

The thing is, cunnings have such low HP, you don’t really WANT to lock down anything with them (“I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with me!”). Fierce want to keep their opponents trapped do they can finish them off, ESPECIALLY for bleeders. So lockdown should stay a fierce ability.

Swap in attacks also aren’t part of any particular class, it’s just that the most annoying ones in this tournament happen to be resilient. While cunnings may be weak against woolly rhino and dracorex, they would excel against swap in bleeders. Dracoceratops is fierce, and Dracoceratosaurus is cunning. There’s no reason we can’t get more “swap in evasive strikes” or things like that in the future.

And even if swap in attacks WERE resilient, fierce should be countering them, not cunning. Yes cunnings do have very low HP that makes them the most vulnerable, but there are better ways I think of protecting them from swap in attacks besides getting lockdown. Giving them on escape abilities could actually be pretty cool, since those are a great detterant to swapping. No Escape is essentially “on Escape lockdown” anyway. So on Escape distracting rampage, on escape evasion (which would be particularly good against swap in), etc. would all help against swap in attacks and deter swapping without losing their cunning “flavor”.

Technically spinoyx is cunning

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Lol is it really cunning though?


well if you saw that it has [INSERT CUNNING MOVE] then you would obviously see how cunning it is

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Between decel immunity and all the anti-dodge, it’s honestly more resilient than cunning

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Yeah but that’s a huge pack of raptors, not just one raptor. I do agree that they should be given some kind of boost but people are talking about dodge buff in one topic and then no escape in another topic. Most no escape creatures are crocs which really make sense to me but having a small single raptor prevents such an unbalanced no escape passive. Albeit, I just definitely agree on the subject that cunning needs an improvement in general.

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Let’s go back to Lethal Wound users into cunning creatures, I mean, for me it makes more sense to give a skill that reduces damage to Darwinopterus than a skill that can break the defenses and armor of an ankylosaurus

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Wound is objectively the strongest against high hp creatures though, which are usually resilient. It would be weirder if it WASN’T fierce. That said, they could easily make stuff like Darwinopterus Cunning-Fierce hybrids by giving them distraction too.


speaking of cunning-fierce hybrids, how are constrictor’s match ups supposed to work?
i’ve been thinking about it a bit. It’s a cunning fierce hybrid. with it’s wounding counter, you’d think it would be useful against tanks. but the way it retains health (evasion and distraction) is shut down by tanks. so what is she supposed to counter?

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Yeah I was thinking the same thing when me and a couple of others were discussing a Spinoconstrictor rework a couple days ago.

def needs a rework since she is in a weird spot. her and probably some other creatures as well.


I have only seen that it works against purely ferocious creatures and against Dracoceratosaurus

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