No escape

No escape shouldn’t work if the opponent is swapping out dinos too! So instead you get locked while they switch out dinos anyways… That seems like a flaw… m

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That would distroy all crocs

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Why not? Who gets to swap first depends on speed now, so if for example you swap out a Trex while your opponent swaps out their crocodile, you’ll be able to swap just fine.
Why should you be able to swap when the crocodile is still on the field?


I’m going to assume you just lost a match coz of no swap right?


There is no real problem here lol.


Yep just gotta remember it’s all fun and games till someone runs out of toilet paper!


Minor issue. No Escape makes things interesting.

NO. Crocs are finally usable (especially Sarcosuchus who was trash before) and you want a nerf to them? Why? After a year of being useless they deserve to be like as they are now


The problem I had was the croc was faster, it should have swapped out first, but instead it locked my dino down and then swapped out in the same move.


Well then that sounds like a bug, unless you were already pinned. Any details?

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I like that dynamic. The only thing I would change about no escape is just make it a perma pin. Making the opponent lose their turn altogether if they try and swap is bad game design.

He’s not asking to nerf the crocs. He’s saying that you should be able to swap out at the same time as a croc swaps out. And he’s got a point. At these situations, the croc swaps out and you still get pinned. And speed doesn’t matter.

I think things would be way cooler and more interesting if the opponent could swap out too at those moments, creating a mind game with both the opponent and the croc user having to decide if they will risk attacking or swapping out.

So you’re saying that even if the Croc is faster, and both players manually swap at the same time, the one facing the croc will be swap-prevented? The croc will no longer be on the field, so that makes no sense.

It’s based on who swaps first I believe.

Yes I think it’s who swaps first. The speed only matters between the creatures that come in (for swap in abilities). I’m not entirely sure though, but I believe I got a slower creature pinned this way

A velociraptor is going to swap into sarco while a tarbo is gonna swap into a purra on the same turn. The sarco comes in first as velo is faster. The tarbo prepares to swap, but sarco’s no escape activates and pins tarbo and the tarbo player just lost their turn.

I personally like this as it adds a bit of strategy as to how to play your hand. Especially with the ceratopsians and velo in this tournament

We’re talking about a Croc that’s already on the field.

Oh ok. If the croc is faster and swaps first, then the other creature can swap out as well

Exactly my point.

I don’t remember the exact details except that the croc was faster and his only move was a bleed on me, this was the tournament. I went to swap out not remembering the no escape thing, so it locked me down but he swapped out same move. So I should not have been locked down, we both should’ve been able to swap out.