No event supply drops

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There’s not a single event supply drop on the map.
Been through half of the city and nothing.
Area is was found in:

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Yep, just noticed this. SMH. Now how will I dart the uniques?

Has anyone else had Thor dna from the epic towers this weekend.

At least one player from our alliance get 20 thor dna from one of the epic strikes.

There’s usually a small chance of getting Legendary and Unique DNA with weekly themes like this one. In this case there’s no Legendaries though, so only Uniques.


Yeah that’s what I had but not just today but yesterday too, so 40 total.
My alliance is suggesting I buy a lottery ticket lol

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I have exactly one event drop nearby (out of range), and zero on the horizon. They definitely seem to be way rarer than earlier today with the Epics, and just in general.

There’s no t- chest nearby at least a 15 min walk in the distance, Thor is on the edge of darting & tryko is 350+metres away but there was 2 epics + 1 other tower in our circle

I see no, special supply drops in my sight of map and a not even a chest around 🤷.
Darting a unique is already a matter of skill and why would you make it more of a hassle by sparsing the amount of their spawns?
Plz Ludia understand we still can’t move out of our houses due to movement restrictions. So plz think over increasing the spawns plz.
@Ned I am not sure if it’s an error or it’s something to make Darting the uniques tricky? But I’d be grateful if this is conveyed to the team :pray:.
Thank you!

Also seeing tons of Epic Strikes for some reason, more than usual


Yeah that’s more like an error. you see?

As someone who is stuck exclusively to an iPad, incapable of moving to multiple places at ones convenience, it is unbearably frustrating to not have a single event supply drop in range. Even more so, it’s very mocking to have one just outside of my reaches. I have only managed to travel to two locations with internet access, both locations were vastly sparse of any Event Supply Drops. One location didn’t have a single event supply drop, the other had only one, and it is impossible to reach. This isn’t a first time experience either, with Covid limiting our travel, it’s mind numbingly enraging to have to be forced to go out in additionally cold conditions for absolutely nothing

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Yeah… No event supply drops at all. Rotating the map and there’s none as far as I can see…

No Uniques in range.
No Special supply drops to be seen.
Please fix this Ludia.

The supply drops I see are too far away

i have one, but sadly its a thor. if it doesnt change, i might be darting the easiest unique to get

Typical Ludia when it’s unique that sucks it plagues the map; as soon as it’s something good, boom gone.

I can see 71 drops/strikes from home. ONE of them is a green drop. Two are treasure chests. None of these are in range. I have six of the epic strike in my radius, though. :roll_eyes: Distribution is so messed up.

No green drops on the horizon for me…