No Event this week?

I have no green eventstops

Timing seems to be off since daylight savings ended this weekend.

just like your problem,
event drops and strike towers are not appearing
in my game.

even I can’t see and news about those…

Give it 30 more minutes.

is about 10 at night in malaysia , but there is mo strike eventat allScreenshot_2018-11-05-22-08-08-72

I have no idea about this problem.

just like normal days, I expected new events…
but they never showed them up.

I’m downloading this game, and I hope it will
solve this problem.

but if it doedn’t work,
I need your help.

Daylight savings ending over the weekend seems to have the timing off.

30mins after when?

From the time I posted. Now 25 minutes.

Ludia servers probably observe daylight savings time and that ended over the weekend.

So the timing is off by an hour. Just wait another 22 minutes (from right now) and check again.

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they appear at 7:00 AM PST… so in like 10 minutes
stuff is off from daylight savings time. the even dissappeared an hour early too

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I also have nothing.

strike events are out, but no green event supply drops

I see both right now.

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.

I had to exit and reload - both showing now