No Exp from Fusion


Edit: It does, the servers are just bad syncing. Fix it by starting a battle, relogging, launching your drone on a dino or logging in on another device to force the servers to resync and update your exp.

I used to get player exp from fusions but no longer do.
I used this to get my player level up quite a bit. In fact, most of level 9 was done via fusing/ leveling my fusion dinos.
Started noticing after level 10 that I no longer get player exp when doing fusion, only when I level the dino up like any other dino.
I used to get 100 player exp per fuse on the MAJUNDASUCHUS for 20 coins. I did that for multiple levels to help get me to the next player level, now nothing gives exp anymore from fusing.

Feeling very ripped off from the amount of coin I’ve invested in these dinos now, which I only did by purchasing hard cash with real money for this specific purpose to increase my max dart DNA for the current event. Why did the exp stop? Does it stop at a certain player level or was it a recent patch? Though I know for sure I was able to get exp from it just a couple of days ago when I was still level 9.

Here’s a video of me fusing gigaspikasaur and majundasuchus for 0 exp.


Hmm…Perhaps someone else can confirm, but I’ve been playing since the official launch and have never received exp for fusing DNA for hybrids like Majundasuchus and Einiasuchus. Leveling them up after fusing a ton of DNA into them? Most definitely…but not simply by fusing DNA.

It’s possible that there was a bug or glitch allowing you to get exp for fusing DNA (like those one or two out there with infinite darts), and one of the latest patches fixed that glitch. I don’t think it’s associated with player level because I’m only level 8.

I understand your frustration, and to an extent you have a right to be frustrated. But keep in mind that those hybrids, given enough resources, could still prove extremely useful in the Battle Arena–given enough time and DNA. Best of luck and happy hunting.


You get a small portion of exp, I was saving my lvl up to perhaps buy the offer. When I was pumping hybrid DNA into my Stegodeus it lvled me and didn’t get to transfer my funds to buy the offer. Lol


Yes you do there are multiple gudies on it. I even tracked the exact amounts and made a spreadsheet of it:

Just for some reason it has stopped now.


Hey NapalmR4t, you can gain exp by creating, evolving, or fusing dinosaurs. However, you won’t gain exp from creating dinosaur DNA. On your video, when you created/fused together the Gigaspikasaur, your exp increased from 16150 to 22150, when you evolved your Majundasuchus your exp went from 23650 to 25900.

If you’re still having an issue, feel free to contact our support team at support+forums@ludia with your support key.


@Ned from Support did a much better job at explaining than I did…


@Ned problem is you’re wrong.
You DO get player exp from creating DNA towards a fusion, not jsut “Creating” one or “levelling” it.
It jsut seems to be very tempermental. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.
But saying you don’t is wrong, why do you think there are so many guides explaining the exp you gain from it?
The only issue with it not showing you exp is sometimes it takes the server a bit to refresh it but you can force this by relogging, doing a battle, darting a dino, or forcing a reconnect by logging in on another device, essentially anything to sync the server.
So in reality, the reason it’s NOT showing is because of bad server sync. It is happeneing, the exp on your profile just won’t always update correctly.
Sad to see support not knowing the game mechanics though, this is why I always rely on reverese engineers and community testers.
So again, refer to my spreadsheet above and also refer to this new spreadhseet I made detailing the further tests.
All in all, servers desync bad and dont award exp until you force them to resync.
exhibit A:
The end