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No extra spin on PVP?

I was playing the Ceno vs Land PVP and after several wins, I stopped getting the extra spin if you watch an ad. This was for Advanced and Expert spins. I saw somewhere it said to reset something with the ads, but I don’t see where to do that ok the settings on my Android device. Any help is much appreciated.

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I haven’t gotten a 2nd PvP spin today as well.

I wished they had left the “No Ad Content” as it was. If it didn’t work on one device, it would work on another. Now, nothing works.

Maybe they could skip the ad for VIP players? VIP players gets auto 2nd spin for free?

About reseting your AD ID @Bandeezee, I’m using Samsung Edge 7 as my Android device:

Go to settings > Google (Google settings) ; your account will appear and under “Services” you should see “Ads”. Reset Advertising ID is the first option.

If this is not correct for your device, you could just quickly google your device.

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Look to see if you can watch an ad for DNA.

If you can’t, no ads are available and you also won’t get an extra spin for prize in PvP either.

This happened to me today too.

I got DNA for ads, I only tried 3 though - each was 50 DNA.

Edit: This was after there was no PvP spin available that I tried the ad for DNA to see if I had any ads left since I used up Hatchery and Evolution chamber.

Edit 2: After a few more ads for DNA, there was still no 2nd spin. I think I’ve gotten about 5 after the reset of Code-19s, cooldowns etc.

Maybe they only allow us an X amount of 2nd spin for PvP now.

It was working around 4pm west coast time, but I think it quit at the 5pm game day changeover( no sure if that’s what game day changeover is considered. It’s when code 19, raptor paddock, ad speed ups reset).

As someone stated, look to see if you can watch an ad. I usually save up Dino cool down ads. So if you don’t see those available, then no ads are available.

One weirdness is the creation lab speed ups are working as are Dino cool downs, but the hatchery ones are not.

Thank you, it was similar settings. Once I reset it, it started working again.

Ok, so it worked again for a while, but now has stopped again. I tried resetting the ads again, but no go. I reset it, then restarted app, but still no go. I’m going to try and reset ads and restart my phone. Is there a limit you can do on PVP that will allow for the extra spin? I have had some time on my hands tonight so I’ve probably played it about 15+ times.

Reset ad, restarted phone, still no extra spin option. Any other ideas?

I am not sure it’s us. Feels like Ludia capped the amount of 2nd spins, like X amount per day similar to our hatching/fusing cooldowns.

At the reset for Code-19s and our cooldowns, the reset seemed to trigger the ads for the 2nd spin as well. Felt like only about 5 matches though, I didn’t keep track.

Wish Lidia fixed Code-19 and left the ads not working alone.

Someone mentioned about the 20K LP pack having 1K DBs and 5K DNA and Ludia reduced the amount in half after they “looked into it” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Better known evil than good to know …
Every time they fix one thing, they spoil two :man_facepalming:

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PvP modded doesn’t have a second spin. And the top rewards are much better.

I’ve played a lot more modded due to so many ad problems/losing the second spin.

So, if you want to play, PvP modded isn’t a bad alternative.


My Second spin did not work in the previous update,but it does now.

That’s odd.

It works for you all the time now? It works for most of us, but only for a small amount of time.

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It does work all the time now.

I used to play modded all the time at first because you can get hybrids, but I think it costs me too much to stock up on common mods to do it. So now, I wait until I get enough common mods from the daily need, then I’ll play a few rounds. I was sticking with the ceno vs land because it was actually giving me pretty good rewards and I need some lower dinos that I never unlocked. I just made a new rare hybrid yesterday from a common I got from ceno vs land PVP. Now that I don’t get the second spin though (didn’t get it at all today so far), I’m playing less.

Won’t Ceno PvP modded yield the same prizes as Jurassic PvP modded?

Or is this just a way not to put your Jurassic dinos on cool down?

What level prize are you getting?

@Timmah I’m playing the Ceno vs Land (non-modded) PVP. I didn’t mean i was using cenos instead of land dinosaurs. Sorry for the confusion.

I’m mostly getting advanced level prizes. When I use my level 40 Pteranodon, then I get an expert prize. I’ve gotten a lot of loyalty points today, 500 DNA, a Card pack that gave me 1,200 DNA and some other resources and a Rajasaurus (I still need 3 more of him to get him to level 40), then some coins and money.

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Just an fyi, the second spin is working again. I’m guessing once you’ve used so many, it stops working for a certain amount of time (12hrs? 24hrs?).

Stopped working again last night and this morning, so I think it really does only work for a certain amount of battles then takes some time to reset.

I don’t know if this is known knowledge, but my extra spin seems to become active around 5pm PT. I get so many, then it stops until the next day. This also seems to be the case for all the ad speed ups and ad DNA.