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No featured creatures this week?

Are there any featured creatures this coming week? Didn’t see an announcement.

Its delayed to Monday.

Lets be honest, the next one will have the new creatures, so theyre using it as an excuse to drop 1.9 tomorrow


where’s the maintenance announcement?


I just want a smooth update. No mess ups and no triggering bugs.

I suspect you are right though no announcement of maintenance and no idea what will spawn in the new cycle. So those who dart event dinos in the first 24 hours b4 the update get to try again after the update?

My guess is it will be a provisional set for 1 day. Like 1 day of lockdown or fast. Update then an overlap 3 days each for Rares and Commons. Maybe its Cenozoic week. So yay?

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I don’t think that’s why

They are unable to post anything over the weekend. This means that maintainance announcement will be only few hours before maintainance if update is scheduled for today.

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