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No trophies

How can i have a best score at 4817 ans being also at 0 ??
Less than 10% fights are versus players, always on IA fights…
And no answer of the JWA staff…
What can i do…?

Sounds like you’ve been flagged a cheater.

why is he flagged. And how do you have trophies if you play a.i. because ai doesn’t affect trophies.


I have had trophies once playing AI and that was through a glitch. Still baffles me that someone could lose trophies while fighting AI. Which is another thing that has happened to me.

There was no problems at the begining but since i am at 4500 having fights is really difficult 1 on 20 is a pvp fight

Must be nice lol I wish I could just fight ai. Be so much easier and be able to fill incubators faster.


Welcome to the forums, Robin_Champarnaud! I’m sorry to hear about not getting any trophies. Once our support team gets the chance to read your message, they will get back to you as soon as possible so keep an eye out.