No Free Epic Incubator with VIP - Refund Received Thanks to Google

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Bug Description: The VIP sale said that I would get an Epic Incubator with my VIP subscription and I did not.

Area is was found in:

VIP upgrade

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Sign up for VIP
Step 2 - Don’t get the promised incubator
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:

Only once so far

What type of device are you using:

Samsung Galaxy 8

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

I signed up for VIP for another month because it said I would get a level 20 Epic incubator. I never received it though. Would like the epic incubator or my $10 back, please.

Can someone post a pic of the VIP offer that shows the Epic incubator offer please? Going to probably just file for a return on this with Google Play.


Have you bought VIP more than once?

Yes, I had bought VIP in the past. Once when I first started playing, which I dropped after a month, and once again a few months ago when I broke my leg and was not very mobile. I dropped it as soon as I was walking again as I know VIP is not worth it - for me at least.

I bought it this one more time ONLY because it shows a level Epic incubator with the word FREE on the incubator. Looks like it was a bait and switch though, so I will be working with Google Play to get my money back.

I did get pics of the offer from my other account BTW - so no need to upload those at this point.

Yes it actually is baiting. Some months ago, they had a sign saying „collected“ if u signed up for VIP the first time. Now it‘s gone and looks like u‘ll get one free epic inc every time u re-buy VIP, but actually it only works for the first time.

One of the reasons I stopped using it.

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Interesting, and good to know. I never got the Epic Incubator unfortunately.

Refund received from Google Play. Thankfully they recognized Ludia’s deceptive marketing practices.