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No friday release?

Was anyone released today? New person? Old?

It was the Cianan character

Cianan? Who the hell? I haven’t seen them yet

I haven’t seen them either but I got the notication about it.

This guy.

He seems to be the male seasonal alternative to Hazel


If that’s the case I’ve got to wait for Hazel…they better re-release her dangit.

On the other hand I hated the Christmas and Valentine day characters they bored me not because they were male but I felt nothing

After Hazel all I will need is those two :rofl:

Hopefully they will have a female counterpart of them the next time around. Not that I mind the guys at all. I just want more female matches.

I just thought it was unfair not to have counterparts or alternatives for the seasonal characters

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Agreed. It excludes anyone who is uncomfortable matching with a male.

I have no problem matching with either gender but I just didn’t find them interesting

That seems to be the common reaction. I mostly just want to complete the collection of matches as it were.

Even Hazel didn’t get me excited I just wasn’t feeling the witch spirit trope

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They must have buried him deep because Hes still not coming up…him or wyatt.

He popped up for me about half an hour ago. I’d been scrolling matches all day…

I just got him

Straight up Headless Horseman meets Phantom of the Opera vibes.

Did he reference Hazel who by the way someone in a Lovelink FB group said they saw her return today

So far he hasn’t. He lost his head though.

Now I wanna see Hazel lol

I attempted to match with both for the fun of it and was successful. I don’t think they’re counterparts