No friendly battle


Added a friend. Cant have a friendly battle with them…

Why can't I friend battle?

They could be in a battle


She’s sitting right next to me…


Hey James_Brannock, if you’re still having this issue, make sure that you and your friend are both connected to the game. If you’re both online and it is still having this problem, contact our support team here at with your support key.


I also can’t battle its grayed out



Won’t let me friend battle… Why?


I was having issues too. Whenever my friend and I tried, nothing happened.


Just started working for me.


Its showing I can battle , but so far ive had where either of us have tried challenging the other nothing happens after accepting…and the one time we did start a battle we both froze and couldn’t do anything


It started working when I challenged my fiance. She had to accept and go to the battle screen and start a battle. Then it connected us together.


Same thing happened to me as well then finally it work. I think its a bit buggy just keep on trying. :blush:


I can’t do it with a friend who was sitting next to me as well! I haven’t been able to do any friendly battle at all.