No friends listed


I did have them all as guests, now nothing listed at all. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still none.


Happened to me for a little while too… it reloads after an arbitrary amount of time.


I have this all time, it happens when u have too many friends in your list


It’s not even letting me battle or anything, I need to get home to my wifi and get better connection


Mine is just permanently like this :sweat_smile: I’m not allowed to be social :roll_eyes:


I guess I’m not either now @Heather😩


Can you girls even accept friendly pvp battles? @Danelle919 @Heather


I thought I had this problem too, but then I realize I had the same problem before the maintenance…

Hello darkness my old friend…


What gets me is how they can sit and comment on threads about AR photos and ignored us all. I raised a ticket and they basically just told me too bad :frowning:


Hmm, ever uninstalling and reinstalling?


No, never even crossed my mind. How stupid of me :smirk:


I’ll consider that sarcasm.:joy:


Yes @User1 I can.


@Hersh mine hasnt came back yet and it’s been hours. I can still battle if someone sends me request, but I cant send any😩


@heather mine is working now because I unconnected Google play and just connected to facebook. I must of connected both when I uninstalled and reinstalled and messed it up. Try that!!


Well nevermind, they are gone again