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No further patches necessary

As long as you’re going to cater to the PtW superboost crowd and not worry about losing the subscription player base then you don’t need to update the game anymore.

There are many aspects of the game I do like. I even enjoyed PvP at one time. But now the PvP is so frustrating that if it wasn’t for being part of the daily player/weekly alliance missions (one of the aspects I do like) and the need for incubators, I would quit PvP completely. Spending over an hour to complete 12 battles that you receive practically nothing for because most of them were against superboosted teams you don’t have a chance against is ridiculous. I won 3 of my 12 battles tonight. Of the 9 lost, 8 were only 1 kill and one of them was 0 kills. When you look at your team and there is nothing you can do against the faster one hit super monsters you are facing it’s not a fun. I don’t mind paying a monthly sub fee for entertainment but I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for intangible virtual property that has zero value once I become bored with the game or the game is inevitably extinct.


Im in that same boat. If Diplodocus wasnt there as the daily dna right now, i wouldnt even care about arena anymore either. Grypo or monoloph wouldnt hurt either

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I want to see what 1.9 brings. As of now, I don’t PvP at all on my first account as I’m not growing anything so there is no point. I’m sick of DC every other battle. If DC gets a true nerf such as removing the cleanse, I’ll do some PvP again on my primary. DC needs to still be usefull but the edge removed with the cleanse to make it not quite as desirable so more players will work on others.

I’m keeping up with PvP on my 2nd account ONLY when I need the DBI to get the daily dino DNA. Next months daily dino isn’t so important so I may not bother with PvP at all on either account except the 1st day to get my trophy’s to show for the month. I’ll have enough days without needing the DBI for what DNA I’ll need from Brachi.

I get more frustrated and infuriated when this app doesn’t function properly which was the reason I dropped the VIP way last October.


The game will die soon enough…
thx to boost and matchmaking


I had a super Boosted allosinosaurus 1 shot my whole team with the impact move only. I didn’t even get a turn!

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Been there too…