No gorgo on complete thursday

Next episode of ludia screweng up.
I got last week 2 gorgos on whole day.
This thursday I got none.
Good work ludia.
Lets make this officially a pay to win game.
ridicolous really…


The spawns for daily dinos are inconsistent. One week there’ll be nothing and the next there’s tons spawning. It’s usually consistent with me, as I see tons of Gorgo Thursday, but there’s always that one hiccup. They should be a bit more consistent, and should spawn via scents, but alas, they don’t.

Also how did Ludia screw up on this? It’s mostly RNG that plays a role in how they spawn, making them more inconsistent or consistent.

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To be fair, I had none during the day while I was in my flat, but on the way to the pub and back for quiz night I picked up a few.

Probably because of the restaurants around the pub though.

well I had now for 3 weeks exactly 4 gorgos.
That has nothing to do with rng any more.
Its end of the month.
Obviously ludia is dropping down appearance of dinos once again.
I drove by the way a bit around yesterday and saw no gorgo also in the next cities.
That has nothing to do with rng thats planned.

Gorgosaurus, I see at least 1 or 2 per hour on Thursdays. That’s carnotaurus I never see on Fridays, if I see 2 on the day it is an achievement.

Now that’s an issue. That, I think needs some fixing. I’d assume normally that you’d just be getting unlucky, but that seems like a different situation from RNG now, that I didn’t realize. Daily spawns should probably be more consistent, to prevent all… this from happening again. I usually get tons of Gorgo Thursdays, so the occasional empty week is fine. That though? That’s starting to seem more like a bug or some sort of issue now.

Gorgosaurus actually can spawn any week day but is just more common on Thursday.

No it is only a Thursday spawn and any day near restaurants only.

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I get gorgos on Sundays when I go shopping :man_shrugging:

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Gorgo is around retail establishments every day of the week. I see him most around grocery stores and gas stations.

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Oh. I didn’t know its was restraunts only.