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No green stops. Again... Vip

No green stops again yesterday and today vip again :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Getting really fed up no green drops again in a vip circle. It’s still lockdown here, and a lot of other places around the globe


Same. But I have given up complaining.

I will keep complaining. I’m in lockdown and high risk and pay extra to play the game everymonth. Least they can do is give people green drops

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Simce today as the epic theme with sino trex and mammut started i have no green cubes anymore. Can you fix that please? There are only 2 days to get my sinos…
The nearest green cube attached below.

Sony experia 1 with android is used.

Thx for the help.Screenshot_20210306-204420

I don’t think ludia can just change your drops location, only time they change from one place to another is during updates, and they switch places every day(green turns to orange etc)

Cant be cause it changed at the beginning of the event.