No Green Supply Drops or Featured Creatures

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Bug Description: Today, there are NO green supply drops, under which we usually find whatever Featured Creatures are available at the moment. This is especially troubling, given that it’s the last day for the Common Creatures and the first day for the Rares, so there should be tons of them. Again, from my home base (ie where I live), as far as the eye can see, there are NONE.

Area is was found in: everywhere on the map. If this might matter, I live in Local 4, a couple of blocks from a boundary with Local 1.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Um, I open the game and look around.
Step 2 - I’ve restarted the game twice now, hoping that maybe reloading the map might shake loose whatever might be stuck, to no effect.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: it never stops happening

What type of device are you using: I have two accounts, both experiencing the identical absence of the green supply drops: an iPhone 8s (signed in through the Mac Game Store) and a Coolpad (Android, signed in through the Google Play Store)

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Here are several screen shots of the video I recorded (and was not allowed to upload) spanning a 360º sweep. It’s possible that I’m just missing them, but I confirmed with my husband (who also plays) that there are none in view. This is especially troubling on top of the loss of a sanctuary that used to be right next door, and the loss of about a third of all supply drops in general since 1.10 was released, as well as the very brief appearance yesterday morning of a themed scent strike tower which disappeared before I had a chance to go outside and attempt it (it was on the map for less than 10 minutes, but it was definitely there; wish I’d taken a screen shot of it)


Hopefully there are enough reference points from one screenshot to the next to help keep you oriented. It’s a serious bug, both because I was looking forward to wrapping up the Velociraptor from the Featured Common and also eager to grab the T-Rex and Kelenken from the Featured Rares (and of course the 6500 coins I should be collecting from those supply drops too; I’ve got a lot of dinosaurs that are ready to level up when I collect enough coins!) so this is more than a minor inconvenience. If this is part of a general trend, then it’s a bad sign when multiple things have disappeared from the map in the course of a week.

Thanks for looking into this and trying to figure out what’s happening.


Hey roosterbear, could I ask you to send those screenshots along with your support key to our team at Thanks!


Does everyone that doesn’t have the green supply drops need to email? Seems to be a widespread issue… Thanks!


Hey Bryan_Lucas, at the moment, that would be best. Please make sure to include your map information/screenshots as well.

After 10 am reset ,all gree stops missing none in park .any one else have problem reset and restarted 2 times have all yellow

That’s funny. I didn’t notice till I saw the topic. There are no event drops at all. I also don’t see any scent towers.


This seem to happen everywhere along the world. I didn’t find a single green supply in all day. They are not even in parks, where they are supposed to be fix features…

I have green drops. But no scent strike today. Was this an oversight?

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Glad it’s not just me. Haven’t traveled to see how bad it is but can’t see a single green stop anywhere on my map from here.

I have the same Problem… only a few green Drops…in the hole town.


The same situation here. And I walk over 5 kilometres today, and I count 3 green stops 1 per 1 kilometre radius and no scent strike towers.

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Just seeing this now; will do momentarily

Same here in Greenwood, IN. I’ve driven around town (BIG town) about 40 miles today, including my usual dino hunting/supply drop run. There’s usually around 150 stops along the way. There were 3. That’s right. THREE! None had event dinos, one gave no coins, the other 2 gave 28 and 83,even though I was parked directly under the stops. It seems like, since they did the location update this week, not only are there hardly any green drops (and regular ones have been reduced by 50%), but getting closer to any drop or chest has no bearing whatsoever on the amount of coin received. This will be the second day that I’m not maxing coins from the green drops, despite going out for an hour with the intention of only maxing out stops. They broke the game real good my friends. Real good. Canceled my VIP account and if it doesn’t get fixed quickly I will be moving on to something else. Aggravation is not worth it :pensive:


Absolutely no green drops here in North East Uk since the changeover to today’s event start

I Van See only a few green supply drops with commons, not one with rare.

Not seeing any green drops here either. Strike towers are fine tho.

I also have no green supply drops.

God knows how they broke this! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have green drops but they are far and tew between… i see this as ludia being stingy with event drops again… something they have been known to do.

I have seen no green towers today in Houston

I will have to add that my little corner of North East USA has very few green event drops. My home park area is usually littered with them but today I had to hit the road looking. I have been out and about most of the day and managed to find 3 Kelenken. Just 3. At most I have seen two at the same time on the entire screen in any location. Most held the common creatures, very few of the rare. That is a first for me. If I hit the road for the day I can always dart the full amount easily.

There are plenty of the strike towers around and there could be more regular drops. There are some, but you have to search for areas/neighborhoods that have more than one or two or I run out of darts.

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