No Green Supply Drops or Featured Creatures

This isn’t the whole circle around me but in all those drops you see in the 4 pictures I only just managed to find one waaaaay off in the distance. I circled it in the 3rd picture.
Screenshot_20191030-175343 Screenshot_20191030-175350
Screenshot_20191030-175411 Screenshot_20191030-175421

No rare green supply drops anywhere near me in 5 mile radius (I went around and looked for them). Also, did not see any scent strike tower. Did see the boost strike tower but no scent strike anywhere.

My five mile ride home I counted 2 green drops both sucho. Everything else is regular stops as far as my map would show meaning hundreds of drops. This is a big mess up

Make sure you send info to support. I sent a video in already

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I can go without the scent tower but I hope they reset the map and add more event drops. I was hoping to get Kenny to level 20. I just need to find 4, maybe 5 if I dart badly on one.

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Chicago has almost none either. I almost always get all of my green drop max for supplies and today, after the 9:00 (local) change over, there was literally one every three or four miles down major roads and none of them has creatures on them. I’ve sent screen grabs into support.

Is this purposeful or accidental? The change happened at noon for me.

This is a global issue

@Ned Can we have an update please? It’s been 12 hours since your scripted response that we all email support, which is ridiculous when it is pretty much affecting everyone.

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An update would be nice. It is hard to max out on event dinos with a small amount of event drops. Many folks are missing out on rares offered this week. And with epics, a legendary, and unique opportunity right around the corner it would be nice to have this fixed.

I’m not going to lie, this Halloween event has been very underwhelming. While I do appreciate the treasure chases, halloween scents, and strike towers, it seems event dinos are scarce, Irratator not included in the event, Indo again. Don’t get me wrong, I like the opportunities we are given but it seems like this week could have been more unique as it were. I keep waiting for several dinos to be featured as weekly event dinos but you guys seem to keep rehashing the same few. Change it up a little. Sorry to go off topic.


Please can we have an update as telling everyone to send in screenshots shots etc to support is no use @Ned @Jorge @Keith as I did this after map change when you requested that and still no response and I have constantly lost my vip status since then and have had no response back which is costing ME …

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No event drops for me too in large area of a big city in Netherlands

This is my subdivision and the subdivision closest to me:
Screenshot_20191031-060855 Screenshot_20191031-060908 Screenshot_20191031-061109 Screenshot_20191031-061123 Screenshot_20191031-060923 Screenshot_20191031-061055 Screenshot_20191031-061154

Not a single one.

No green supply drops in my area either.

I can see only 3 green stops and amazing amount of epic strike towers - 12 to be exact. Must be a new record.

Just got to Cairo last night and there are none here either.

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Same thing happening for me…

lol flagged, can’t take the heat I guess.

18 hours and no fix and no update Ludia you are a joke, an incompetent joke. (no longer shouting)

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I finally see some!