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No green supply drops

A team member and great friend of mine in Bagheria, Sicily has no green supply drops among hundreds of orange.

He lost last week’s events, and seems to lose this awesome week as well.

Clear data or reinstall doesn’t help. Support doesn’t answer him.

100% not acceptable. Please help! @Ned

Hey thomasinho, I’m sorry to hear that your friend is still waiting for our team to get back to him. Depending on when he sent in the email/ticket, it might take some time as messages are responded in the order they come in.

Thanks for super fast response! Any tip he can try? Is it most likely a problem for that area or only for him?

If your friend hasn’t already, could he take some screenshot of his in-game map and attach it to his message, once our team gets back to him? It may help with their investigation. :smiley:

Thanks again for your response! And a word from you may have had magic effect😆 He can actually see 3 green stops now. So case closed.

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No green drops in my area even though there are a dozen regular drops. What’s the point of all these attempts if there isn’t any way to dart them?

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