No green supply drops?

I’ve got none in my neighborhood. What gives?


My friend who I’m car pooling today to work had my phone while I was driving. In 10 minutes of driving. We found only two, what the heck!?

And at work:

Can’t even get to that one drop, that’s a shipping yard. I don’t have access.


Same here! :confused:

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Same here… Significantly less green drops

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I can’t see any from my house either, luckily my local park is quite large and has plenty of green drops in it.

This always happens. And when I do find them, it’s either stegacera or nodopato. Or the empty green stop. I love empty stops!

They always do this during good events then blame it on rng… like when the developers blame stuff on rng you know you got a tad to much rng going on.

Thankfully next month we will have one less day to do events like this.


That’s bull then. My rng is the worst its ever been in the entire time I’ve been playing this game.
This is just making it worse.

A while back when we were bringing up this issue in a similar thread and mods directed us to email support. I did and they thanked me for the feedback told me it was all random and said they would deliver my feedback to the devs.

They must think we are pretty stupid to believe that green supply drops “randomly” become scarce when there is a good event going on.

Just like last week koola randomly spawned at like a 4:1 ratio to kentro.

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Mine have been severely lacking as well!
Looked around … 40+ total drops, with maybe 2-3 event drops ??

Lol, and Ludias planning on cutting down the days they’re available too :man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4:
What a Massive fail

Solving this Issue is not rocket science :brain: :rocket:


I’m starting to think that too.
You’re right about last week. I saw so many more koola than Kentro.

They’re really trying to dig their own grave it seems like.
They haven’t made any smart decisions in how long now?

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Its pretty clear to see Ludia wants to limit the amount of good dna we can acquire on a weekly basis. And there are very good longevity of the game type reasons for doing this.

Im a firm believer 1.5 spawns were introduced to counter the daily missions and alliance missions they were planning on introducing. To even out the amount of dna we were receiving.

Apparently that number is still higher then theyd like so next months our events are being reworked.

They seem to be going down a road where grinding common dinos are to be our main source of dna through missions. This leads to a pretty boring game as the dna your getting through these missions becomes doesnt change often enough.

Its all fine and dandy for most when were getting anky from daily and sino from alliances. Bet i expect that tune will change when they rotate everything so were getting pteradon/seco for our alliance missions and grypo for our daily. Especially if their hybrids remain in the current state.

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If that’s the case, that just makes me want to play less. I have little true hunting time as it is. I can only really go hunting on Sundays and Mondays (and Saturdays I don’t work) since I work 10.5+ hr days the rest of the week.
Any other hunting I do is 40-60 minutes after I get home and walk the dogs around the neighborhood if I’m not too tired.

Closest park is 10 miles away and its flooded half the time this time of year from all the rain. The bulk of the dna I get is from battling and the incubators. Even that has slowed a lot because of my terrible rng the last two weeks. I’m lucky to win 1/3 if my battles and most if the battles I lose are from rng. Very few are because I was actually outmatched. I even took a break for a few days to cool off and see if it’ll change my luck.

I know not everyone is under the same circumstances as me, but I’m nearly done with this game. I can only handle so much. :confused:

Basically, 2 of every 3 green drops are gone in my city.

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First post updated

Ludia said they were cutting the amount of towers… They already did. I hope they don’t cut more!

It isn’t so bad now spring is coming and I can get out walking again and just hitting warm enough to get on the bike without wind chill freezing my hands.

With the extended reach to the towers now, I can do 3 battles while walking past one tower. One as soon as its in range, then right under and then as I’m just about out of range.

I’m really thankful we don’t have to be within 25 meters from them any more.

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They stated in the thread yesterday starting in april we average 11 strike towers per week instead of 16. And the common scent strike normally released on mondays is also being removed. On top of that featured creatures will change to a format of

Tuesday and Wednesday= rares
Thursday and friday= epics
Weekend= nothing unless there are legendaries or uniques?
Unless they start commons on wednesday and just start the events with legendaries or uniques on monday. They werent real clear except there will only be one day to dart our 36 commons. And weeks like this we will have 2 days for our 15 attempts.

They also mention event supply drops being more regulated and spaced out… which my take is there even less supply drops then the amount were currently not happy with.

That is completely nonsense!
I only have the weekends to hunt dinos! That is when most people are free, how is that even justified!?

That ruins so much for this game!

Honestly i have a feeling starting the week during wednesdays for normal event weeks is gonna be the route they go.

It means during a patch week the can patch on monday/tuesday and the event starts wednesday kinda makes sense seeing as how they like to run all events in the apk then patch. Im sure it would make things easier on their end. And no half events like we got when 1.4 released.

I’m going to see this through, but if there isn’t anything going on during the weekends. I have no reason to stay. I struggle to much as it is and this would be more than I could handle.

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