No greens as vip after update

I had since i began vip every day at least one green cube in my circle. Ludia makes update and what happens? Not one green cube…
That was a monster update. You never get it done…

I haven’t had a green supply drops in my circle for 2 days now and I have 16 within reach. Crazy distribution especially for common dino event days.


Plenty of greens here, maybe you guys are unlucky?

With vip there must be any time greens why should i do vip? :rofl: If ludia would do job right everyone has anytime greens …

today one green thats crazy as vip.
seems I have to quit vip.

not 1 single green supply drop since update!!! for me and other players in my clan inside olayers circle,i have to drive today as did mqny lkayers yesterday and i can only see them near parks so will be a pain to finish them please Ludia can you sort these maps out ASAP many thanks Andy

Where are all the green supply drops? Ever since the update they are few and far between. I’ve driven around 5 city blocks and saw 2.

Ok , this is rly bad rng or a joke , yday i had 1 green stop for whole day , today every single stop near me cca around 20 is orange , what is going on now

Same here… no green stops for 2 days… I’m fearing this weekend epic dart attempts if it is not fixed by then…

Hey DPG members, our team is investigating this at the moment!


Zero greens in range for me today, too (out of 11 drops). Also, I think having five strikes today is contributing to the issue. I don’t understand it, either – we only had three yesterday for seemingly no reason. Why not four and four?


Barely being able to find one. With these very few green supply drops, it’s very hard to finish the rare attempts. Please increase the green supply drops ASAP


The post has been here for a whole day, and nothing has been changed. Still no green supplies.

Where is Ludia support? Where, where?

All the green boxes have pretty much disappeared after the update on my map as well - doesn’t matter if you are VIP or not, you shouldn’t have all the green boxes clumped together in a park, and only one or two in a regular part of the neighborhood. I now cannot get my daily max on boosts, and it is hard to get event dinos. There is only ONE green box in my radius and it is on the edge of my circle. I shouldn’t have to drive everywhere every day just to get event dinos and daily limits on green boxes (I physically cannot do this anyways due to disability). IDK what happened after the update, but the map is really distributed unevenly now. Boxes should be mixed, not clumped in one spot. At least I have boxes in my radius unlike in some other neighborhoods I have been in, but it would be nice to have better programming for distribution.

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it’s bad right now - idk what changed in the programming, but the boxes are very few and far between, or clumped in one section of town.

Thanks @Ned really appreciate it - the green boxes are very few and far between here, too, since the update

Distribution was especially bad today. I just got back from my walk. I walked about 8km and I only saw ~20 green drops. I don’t mean I walked over 20 green drops; I mean I only saw 20 anywhere on the map, even far in the distance. That’s much fewer than usual.

There are hardly any green boxes anymore - and this isn’t just me and you, but pretty much most people it sounds like. Someone in my alliance said it’s bad where he is, and another close gamer friend said the same.

Non VIP but same issue. There are green drops but they are very, very sparse!!!

No green boxen here either- almost impossible to find since the update!