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No greens as vip after update

It might be bad luck as I haven’t seen much complaint in my alliance and I have had 2 or 3 ESDs out of 12 POIs more or less all week. The previous week was awful though like everyone else.

I had all greens (not vip) to be fair I always hope for 3 greens tops of the nine drops I usually have in range from my flat, otherwise I max outvtoo easily.

Sixth straight day of 0-1 green here (out of 11 total drops). If this is just bad luck, it’s really bad!

2 ESDs and 10 SDs here. Same on Android and iOS, even though the ESDs are not on the same POIs.

One green drop here again today. That’s 0-1 (out of 11) for a week straight now. What did I do to anger the RNG gods?

(I have SIX copies of the expert cute trial, though, because I need those :roll_eyes: )

1 ESD and 11 SDs today as well. Not great.

Well, at least I got two good days :roll_eyes:


Don’t really understand why you want that high a proportion of greens? To easy to max out. I get 9 drops in my non-vip range at home, I’m gutted if more than 2, maybe 3 are green cos I know I’m gonna spend half the day just getting darts when there’s a bunch of cash still to be had if I had 6-7 orange.

Because the ESDs give boosts and attempts at exclusive DNA most of the time. 25% to 33% of ESDs is fine, lower than that and it is problematic to do all your attempts or get your boosts. Too many ESDs is a problem when that happens but that is rare.

Today is a five-strike day, and again green drops are scarce. I have 0 in range out of 11 drops and I see fewer on the map. Strikes and green drops take the same spots on the map (as shown here), so when we have five strikes, we lose green drops. I don’t know why they keep doing this. Expect the same issue on Thursday, when we have five strikes and only that one day to collect epics.

Strike towers are orange on my map? :confused: I have a 5/4 green/orange split, so as per I’m unhappy cos I want less greens! Had 3 strike towers within my four but one was a duplicate.

Yes, strike towers overwrite green drops. So when there are five strike towers instead of the usual four, we lose more green drops.